Records Checks

Requirements for All Record Checks:

  • The applicant must be a resident of Mississauga or Brampton
  • The applicant must attend in person to confirm their identity
  • The applicant must produce two pieces of valid government issued identification, one with a photo and one with proof of address (expired identification will NOT be accepted)

Examples of photo ID include (at least one of these MUST be presented): Driver's Licence (Canadian or Foreign), Passport (Canadian or Foreign), Firearms Licence, Ontario Photo Card, Canadian Citizenship Card, Indian Status Card, NEXUS Card, C.N.I.B. Card, Permanent Residence Card, International Student Identity Card, Military Employment Card or Military Family Identification Card. Student Identification Card with photo may be used as a photo ID for high school students only. 

Other examples of ID include (can only be used with a photo ID): Birth Certificate, Study/Work Permit, Immigration Documents, Baptismal Certificate, Marriage Certificate.

Non-photo Health Card and SIN card will NOT be accepted.

Examples of proof of address if the applicant does not possess a Driver's License or Ontario Photo Card: utility bill such as: hydro, gas, cell phone (dated within the past 30 days), government issued mail (dated within the past 30 days), student report card (from previous semester for high school students only)

We strive for same day service, however we cannot guarantee it. In some cases the records check may take additional time to complete.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to know which type of record check is required for their position. 

There are 2 levels of criminal record checks available:

Being in a position of trust or authority is more than just having contact with children or vulnerable persons. To meet the legal requirements for a vulnerable sector check as per the RCMP, the nature of the position must cause the person to have authority over, or trust of, children or vulnerable persons.

We will only provide a PIC for young persons aged 17 and under.

Peel Regional Police will provide the results of a completed Record Check only to you, the applicant.  It is your decision to discuss the results of a Police Record Check with the agency where you want to work or volunteer.  It is also your responsibility to request the appropriate search for your position. The agency is responsible to determine your suitability for the position.

Any police record check not picked up within 3 months will be destroyed. 

Peel Regional Police does not refund any fees.

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Payment can be made by: Cash, Debit, Mastercard or Visa

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