Chief Teggart

Recognizing Our Finest

portrait of Chief William Teggart

Mr. Mahoney, Mississauga MPP, speaking in  the Legislative Assembly of Ontario on the retirement chief of police, William J. Teggart.

The Peel Regional Police Force has the reputation of being one of the most advanced forces in North America in the area of criminal investigation. Chief Teggart distinguished himself in this field as well, and one of his cases was the very well known Demeter murder investigation. He spent 20 years in the detective branch, holding virtually every rank up to and including deputy chief

1988 to 1990

William Teggart began his police career in 1956 as a Constable with the Toronto Township Police. In 1960 he was transferred to the Detective Bureau and was promoted through the ranks.

In 1974 he became Deputy Chief and in 1988 was appointed Chief of Peel Regional Police. Chief Teggart retired in 1990. During his distinguished 34-year career, Chief Teggart spent many years as the Officer in Charge of the Criminal Investigation Branch. He is best known for his investigation of the murder of fashion model Christine Demeter in 1973. In this case, investigations were conducted in 11 cities, four countries and two continents. He personally traveled behind the Iron Curtain to recover evidence and clues. This resulted in the arrest and conviction of Peter Demeter, the millionaire husband of the victim, who received a term of life imprisonment. It became one of Canada's most celebrated homicide cases and has the distinction of being chronicled in the Canadian Criminal Cases Book 19. During Chief Teggart's tenure as Chief of Police, he retained experts from Harvard University for executive sessions on policing futures.

This resulted in the development of a strategic plan for Peel Regional Police and included the creation of a Mission and Values Statement, Multicultural Policy, Organizational Strategy and Patrol Strategies. Chief Teggart was awarded the Queen's Silver Jubilee Medal, the Ontario Medal for Police Bravery, the 20-Year and 30-Year Canadian Police Exemplary Service Medal and the Canadian 125th Anniversary Commemorative Medal. At his retirement, Chief Teggart was granted a life membership in the Canadian and Ontario Associations of Chiefs of Police.

Chief Teggart studied Police Management and Administration-at Northwestern University, Illinois, and the Canadian Police College, Ottawa. He studied Criminal Investigation at the Ontario Police College and Criminal Conduct at the FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia.