Message from the Chief

Welcome to the Peel Regional Police website!

 Chief Jennifer Evans

 Chief Jennifer Evans

Our website is an essential tool that allows us to communicate directly with the citizens we serve. It also provides important information about how our police service is working to keep homes, streets and neighbourhoods in our region safe.

I am honoured to have been selected to lead this great organization.  I want to thank you for your continued dedication and commitment to the Peel Regional Police and the community we serve. 

Our mission statement defines who we are: To protect the lives, property and rights of all through service excellence and community engagement. 

Equally important are our values: Trust, Respect, Understanding, Safety and Transparency. These provide the foundation that the community relies upon to keep them safe.

We are fortunate to have a Police Services Board that is dedicated to our citizens and to the men and women who keep them safe. The Board continues to ensure we are provided with the resources and support we need to get the job done.  Peel Regional Police is renowned for excellence and innovation in policing. This is a result of the outstanding efforts of all personnel with the support of our Board. We all benefit from this strong partnership.

 photo of Chief's shoulder flash

 Chief's shoulder flash

The Region of Peel is a uniquely diverse community that is strengthened by the numerous cultures and backgrounds that are its make-up.  It is important for Peel Regional Police to represent and reflect the community we serve. Community safety is a shared responsibility and is dependent upon community partnerships. Collectively, we must make every effort to ensure these relationships are fostered and nurtured. Every member of our organization must be committed to providing service that is professional, compassionate and respectful to the citizens we serve.  Every contact and every person matters. I commit myself to making every effort to this end, and I challenge each and every one of you to do the same.  The outcome of our efforts will benefit all of us.

Peel Regional Police is a leader in Canadian policing. Our continuing success relies on our strong partnerships with our policing partners and our community.  Vital to our success is the ability to engage effectively with all the elements of the community.  The police and the community must rely on and support each other in order to ensure a safer community.

The public's trust is earned every day by remaining an organization committed to the highest level of integrity in everything that we do.  As Chief, my job is to inspire, motivate and encourage all employees, civilian and uniform, to dedicate themselves to an unwavering commitment to our community. We must take care to treat all members of the community with dignity and respect at all times.  I will lead by example and hold accountable all who serve to the highest level of professionalism and integrity. 

Open, honest and respectful communication is the key to success in any relationship, and the workplace is no different.  I encourage open dialogue within the organization, as I believe it benefits us all.  I will focus on maintaining two-way and timely communication within the organization. I look forward to working closely with the Peel Regional Police Association, the Senior Officers Association and the Police Services Board to continue to ensure that this organization remains an employer of choice. 

I recognize that career developmental opportunities, promotions and transfers are of significant importance to all personnel.  I embrace these issues as opportunities for the continued improvement of Peel Regional Police. I will ensure that these processes are transparent and equitable for all employees at all levels. 

I rely on the strength and commitment of the men and women of the Peel Regional Police and I look forward to working with all of you.  I am optimistic about our future as a police service.  As your Chief, I will work tirelessly to support you in our collective efforts for A Safer Community Together.

Jennifer Evans,
Chief of Police