You can volunteer with Peel Regional Police or other organizations.

Volunteer Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon (MBC)

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Volunteer MBC promotes meaningful volunteerism to foster best practices in learning and development. Their services aim to create a community where people truly care for each other. Opportunities are open to everyone; youth, seniors and newcomers.

Cadet Organization Police School Program (COPS)

A group of young army cadets marchingCOPS teaches youth leadership and citizenship, while being able to fulfill high school service hours for volunteering at events.

You can enroll to be an Army Cadet (ages 12-18) or Junior Cadet (aged 10-12).

The COPS Program (2824RCACC) has been a part of the Peel family since amalgamation in 1974. The Army Cadet program is a federally funded, free to the user, youth program that takes its structure, foundational training, and funding from the Canadian Armed Forces. The army cadet program offers many sports activities such as climbing, mountain biking and rafting. In addition to practicing these activities at the unit, several summer camps are offered to improve your skills in these disciplines. Each year, a few experienced cadets can participate in a parachuting course. Expeditions develop knowledge on how to travel long distances in various environments and maintain their field equipment. These expeditions may include mountaineering, caving (exploring caves) and white water rafting. Army cadets participate in training in the bush in summer and winter. They learn how to build makeshift shelters and how to survive using what nature has to offer. This includes learning how to make a fire, find water, make themselves visible to rescue workers and many other useful skills. The Cadet Program provides opportunities for youth to gain valuable knowledge and skills that build confidence and help pave the way in a transition to adulthood. Cadets engage in varied and unique experiences, while developing competencies in leadership, citizenship, and physical and mental fitness.

Peel Crime Stoppers

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Crime Stoppers volunteers work along with Board members to promote Crime Stoppers to the public. This may include helping with fundraising events, school presentations, re-enacting crimes on television and helping with special events. 

Region of Peel

Region of Peel - Working With You

Volunteers help make Peel a great place to live. You can develop skills, meet new people and gain valuable experience. With opportunities in health services, art galleries and long term care homes, there is something for everyone.

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