Peel Regional Police holds information events to encourage and inspire possible candidates to choose policing as a career.  Unless stated differently, all sessions take place at the Emil V. Kolb Centre.   


The forums and information sessions can be found on the Calendar, which are open to anyone interested in attending.

Introductory Practice Session

This session can be found on our Calendar, which introduces you to the components of the Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police (PREP) test by teaching correct techniques, and basic hands-on training.

Active PREP Sessions

Women Only Practice Run Through

This session can be found on our Calendar and is offered to women who have participated in the introductory practice session, the chance to run through a complete and timed PREP exercise.

PREP Test Notes:

  • You should only sign-up yourself.
  • You should only register for one session at a time.
  • You must cancel no less than 2 days prior to your scheduled date by email.
  • Failure to attend without notice will result in a six month restriction from attending other events. Certain exceptions may apply.
  • Appropriate fitness attire is required.
  • Spectators are not permitted.

 Employee speaking to large crowd

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