We have a variety of positions, including:

Administrative Support

The Administrative Support role is responsible for performing administrative and clerical duties that may include:

  • Scanning and typing documents.
  • Copying statements.
  • Processesing and reconciling financial documents.
  • Assisting in compiling statistical information.
  • Maintaining filing systems.
  • Sorting and distributing incoming mail and process outgoing mail.
  • Answering telephone and in person inquiries.
  • Maintaining office supplies and equipment.

Communications Support

Female Communications Dispatcher receiving a call

Communications Support has different roles which include the Call Taker and Communicator roles. Duties may include:

  • Answering emergent (9-1-1) and non-emergent calls.
  • Obtaining important information to determine service needed.
  • Answering internal lines and help with request.
  • Initiating support services (i.e. calls-out, phone listing, records checks, tweets and texts as required).
  • Assigning and co-ordinating dispatch of personnel for calls.
  • Monitoring police units.
  • Maintaining appropriate police coverage.

Financial Officer

The Financial Officer role is responsible for performing duties that may include:

  • Processing financial transactions.
  • Controlling, reviewing and reporting on spending.
  • Reviewing and co-ordinating revenue streams.
  • Compiling information for invoicing and analysis.
  • Maintaining financial procedures and petty cash.
  • Updating and maintaining signing authority for the Service.

Fleet Licenced Technician

Fleet Technician working on a vehicle

The Fleet Licenced Technician role is responsible for making sure all police vehicles are in ideal operating condition, aligning with policy and safety guidelines. Duties may include:

  • Performing mechanical, electrical, fuel and safety related repairs.
  • Performing vehicle safety inspections related to motor vehicle collisions; you may be required to testify in court.
  • Providing technical support and guidance to Fleet Service Technicians.
  • Entering maintenance records into the computer system and accessing online manuals for repair information.
  • Stripping old vehicles and setting up new vehicles.

Prisoner Escort Officer

The Prisoner Escort Officer role is responsible for transporting and escorting prisoners. Duties may include:

  • Providing security and control during transporting and escorting of prisoners.
  • Escorting prisoners to and from Ontario Court of Justice and Superior Court of Justice courtrooms.
  • Transporting prisoners to and from Ministry institutions and divisional holding cells.
  • Performing strip or pat down searches of prisoners brought into cell areas.
  • Applying security restraints to inmates being transported to and from detention facilities or courtrooms.
  • Screening the public entering the courthouse for weapons.
  • Answering telephone inquiries from internal personnel, Court Clerks, Judicial members, divisional officers, other police services and Ministry of Corrections personnel.
  • Maintaining accurate records.
  • Inspecting vehicles, handcuffs, cells, and defensive weapons to ensure safety and reliability.

Records System Operator

The Records System Operator role is responsible for performing data entry and general record services duties that may include:

  • Occurrence report entry via digital dictation system, live call and hardcopy reports.
  • Completing a records check for CPIC requests.
  • Answering telephone inquiries and performing general reception duties.

Service Desk Analyst

The Service Desk Analyst role is part of a customer service-oriented team and is the primary contact for users regarding technical support. Duties may include:

  • Responding to customer requests in a prompt, efficient and professional manner.
  • Responding to reports of technology incidents, service requests and how-to inquiries.
  • Recording and tracking incidents, service requests and how to inquiries from first contact to final resolution, following internal policy.
  • Providing initial assessment, first level troubleshooting, diagnosis and resolution of all incidents.
  • Monitoring adherence to service legal agreements and taking appropriate escalation measures.
  • Updating and maintaining service desk incidents, problems and knowledge databases.
  • Keeping customers informed about the status and progress of their calls.
  • Participating in development and maintenance of Service Desk procedures and processes, and providing content to the knowledge base system.
  • Updating and maintaining client contact lists, vendor contact lists, application contact lists and other support documentation; including problem resolution analysis.
  • Preparing required reports on Service Desk activities.
  • Analyzing and evaluating processes and recommending changes to improve service quality.

Crime Analyst

The crime analyst role is responsible for extracting, ordering, analyzing and distributing crime/intelligence. Duties may include:

  • Applying analytical techniques to crime/intelligence data or investigative projects in order to link individuals/groups to criminal activities, detect crime patterns, and identify crime hot spots or targets.
  • Developing inferences regarding the intentions and vulnerabilities of criminal groups.
  • Managing database programs to track individuals/groups involved in criminal activities and issues relating to criminal matters.
  • Using data mining techniques to retrieve and synthesize crime/intelligence data from databases to support police functions.
  • Analyzing information obtained through different processes.
  • Receiving and forwarding information through regional and intelligence information sharing networks.
  • Generating proactive and reactive crime reports for distribution to service members.
  • Issuing police information circulars and bulletins to facilitate offender apprehension, clearances and officer safety.
  • Liaising with outside agencies to collect, manage and distribute relevant crime and intelligence information.

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