Peel Regional Police has a Vulnerable Persons Registry (VPR) that helps police and the community locate missing people. The VPR allows the parents and/or caregivers of a vulnerable person to provide vital information to be used by emergency services during a crisis. The database offers important information to dispatchers, first responders and other support personnel about the issues that the vulnerable person might be experiencing and how to best assist them.

Who Can Be Registered

Information can be provided by a parent, guardian, caregiver or person with Power of Attorney (or similar) authority over the vulnerable person. Those eligible to be added to the Vulnerable Persons Registry may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Those residing in, attending school/daycare/work or frequent Brampton or Mississauga
  • Those who are Autistic, on the Autism Spectrum, living with Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease or a related Neurocognitive Disorder .
  • Those who have a tendency to wander or pose a flight risk, combined with the inability to communicate and return to safety without assistance.

A mandatory verification process will follow registration to ensure the person providing the information has the authority to do so.

If you have questions regarding the criteria required to be added to the VPR, please email

How to Register

To register online, you must provide the following information about the vulnerable person being registered:

  • Name, date of birth and physical description (include scars or birthmarks, etc.)
  • Languages spoken/understood (verbal, non-verbal, sign language, etc)
  • Diagnosis
  • Life sustaining medications, if any
  • GPS device information, if any
  • Interests/fascinations
  • Tendencies/known routines or locations where the vulnerable person may go
  • Specific behaviours that the officer(s) may encounter, including triggers or subjects to avoid discussing
  • Redirection strategies and communication techniques to aid the officer(s)
  • Two recent photos (.jpg format): the person’s face (shoulders up) and a full body photo. If applicable, include any assistive devices: cane, walker, wheelchair, etc.

You are also required to provide your name, date of birth, address and contact information along with that of any other support person who might be able to assist the vulnerable person.

The information provided will only be used by emergency services for the purposes of this program.


  • If the vulnerable person is 17 years old or younger, information must be renewed yearly.
  • If the vulnerable person is 18 years old or older, information must be renewed every two years.

You will receive a reminder email of the upcoming renewal approximately two months before expiry (the Vulnerable Person’s birthdate). It is your responsibility to renew the information through the PRP website, including recent photos.

**If the update is not provided within the requested timeframe, the individual and their details will be removed from the VPR.

Any information that would have a significant impact on police response should be provided immediately, including drastic changes in height/weight, change in address, school or emergency contact. You do not need to report a change in hair cut/colour.

Significant changes and/or updates can shared by emailing: 

Submit a Vulnerable Person Registry Report online

Upon submission, it may take up to 10 business days to be contacted by an officer in the Mental Health Unit.

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