Peel Police Services Board Begins Process for Implementing Body Worn Cameras

Posted On Friday June 05, 2020

Brampton: The Peel Police Services Board today provided direction to Chief Duraiappah to bring forward a report at the June 26, 2020 Peel Police Services Board meeting with options for the use of body worn cameras for members of Peel Regional Police.

In response to reactions from the community and events taking place in Canada and the United States, the Board held an emergency meeting to discuss how Peel Regional Police can take action to preserve the public trust, while at the same time allowing police to do their jobs effectively.

“The Police Services Board and Peel Regional Police have received comments and requests for body worn cameras from members of the community and elected officials in Peel. As a Board, we welcome opportunities to strengthen police accountability while ensuring greater community safety and well-being,” said Chair Ron Chatha. “Today’s decision will ensure the Board and the Chief will collaborate on the implementation of body worn cameras with the aim of making a decision at our next Board meeting on June 26th.”

The report will highlight operational requirements for the use of body worn cameras, budget impacts from a capital and operational perspective, feedback from the community and a timeline for implementation.

The impacts of COVID-19 will mean that the June 26, 2020 Board meeting will be a Virtual Meeting and will be streamed live on the Peel Police Services Board YouTube Channel.

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