Why Peel Regional Police Officers are Wearing Green Epaulettes in May and June

Posted On Thursday May 06, 2021

Throughout May and into June, some Peel Regional Police officers will be seen wearing green epaulettes. The colour green symbolizes the continual awareness of mental health in order to help fight the stigma that is often associated with it. 

The epaulettes are a fundraising initiative offered to Peel Regional Police employees by Peel Beyond the Blue (PBTB) to help raise awareness about mental health during May’s Mental Health Awareness campaign. The campaign assists in funding wellness programs provided by PBTB to Peel Regional Police employees and their families. PBTB acknowledges the unique challenges of law enforcement families and the additional education and tools that spouses and children of law enforcement officers need to understand the scope of life as a police officer. 

By purchasing the Green Epaulettes and #PeelBTB facemasks and wearing them as part of their uniform throughout the month, employees of Peel Regional Police have an opportunity to support and communicate the importance of ending the stigma surrounding Mental Health. Officers also can wear the Green Epaulettes for the month of June, which is PTSD awareness month. 

Mental health is a significant key to the well-being and safety of our community. Let’s work together to acknowledge, understand and support healing. 

For more information about Peel Beyond the Blue, please read “Why I Opened the Peel Chapter of Beyond the Blue – Caitlin Alwyn’s Story; the biographical article written by Caitlin Alwyn, the founder and President of Peel Beyond the Blue.  

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