UPDATE: Dissolution of the School Resource Officer (SRO) Program

Posted On Wednesday November 18, 2020

Earlier this year, Peel Regional Police announced the pause of the SRO program. The pause took place as an acknowledgement that the program had not changed over 20 years, and therefore required significant review.

While there was support for the SRO program, which is primarily dedicated to secondary schools, in many segments of the community, there are also long-standing concerns about systemic racism and the disproportionately punitive effects this type of traditional programming can produce.

Peel Regional Police committed to a review process focusing specifically on police and their interactions with students. PRP struck a community-facing committee to work in partnership with PRP throughout the review process to learn about the lived experiences of affected community members. It was evident during the consultation phase that the current SRO program caused a negative impact on segments of our student population. As a result, the first order of business was to dissolve the SRO program and acknowledge publicly that change was necessary.

We are committed to action and working in partnership with the community to effect much-needed change. Based on recommendations made by those most negatively impacted by this programming, the SRO program no longer exists. Moving forward, PRP will continue to work with our community regarding student engagement programming.

Peel Regional Police will continue to fulfil our role in the Region of Peel’s Community Safety and Well-Being Plan, which includes a specific commitment to partner with our community and advance the social development, safety, and overall success of our youth.


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