Are You Protected??

Posted On Sunday March 01, 2020

When it comes to COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) are you protected? What can you do?

The virus is part of a large family of viruses that can cause symptoms like the common cold but can advance, in some cases, to severe respiratory illness requiring immediate medical attention.

As you know, a COVID-19 outbreak is occurring in China and cases have been identified other countries, including Canada.

You can help protect yourself and others from this and other common illnesses by taking the following precautions:

• Wash your hands often with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

• Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose.

• Avoid contact with people who are ill.

• Cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue. If you don't have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your upper sleeve or elbow, not your hands.

• Maintain a healthy lifestyle, including a healthy diet, exercise and enough sleep, to enhance your body's immune system.

If you have more questions, or have concerns about when to contact a health care provider visit Peel Public Health for the most up to date information about COVID-19 in the Region of Peel.


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