Year In Review

PSB Chair Chatha and PRP Chief Duraiappah



Messages from the Chair and Chief

 Message from the Chair, Peel Police Services Board

On behalf of the Police Services Board, I would like to recognize the achievements of Peel Regional Police in 2021.  During another year of uncertainties, Peel Regional Police continued to meet the needs of our community in a dedicated and professional manner.

Since my appointment in January 2019, I have seen the challenges of policing within our ever growing diverse community.  Peel Regional Police continues to reach out to our partners and the public, building relationships to ensure Peel Region remains a safe community, which is showcased in this report.

We as a Board commit to doing our part in working with Peel Regional Police to assure all their objectives are met.  We will also continue to support them in all aspects of being able to perform their duties to the best of their abilities while committing to “Community Safety & Well-Being Together”.

I encourage the community to review the 2021 Annual Report, as I feel this is a demonstration of their dedication and commitment to our over 1,497,000 residents of Peel Region.

Ron Chatha
Chair, Peel Police Services Board

 Peel Police Services Board Members

Peel Police Services Board members Attia, Iannicca, Crombie, Howell, Boughton and Medeiros

Left to Right: Ahmad Attia (Vice Chair), Nando Iannicca (Regional Chair), Bonnie Crombie (Mayor, City of Mississauga), Len Howell, Alan Boughton, Martin Medeiros 


  Message from the Chief, Peel Regional Police

One of my responsibilities as Chief of Police is to provide our community with an update on the many successes, initiatives and achievements we have made over the past year. That is why I am very pleased to provide to you the Peel Regional Police 2021 Annual Report. Although 2021 proved to be a unique and challenging year, navigating our way through the pandemic, we continued to move forward as an organization to achieve our Strategic Plan goals. A few of the accomplishments that we are very proud of that we were able to accomplish during the past year include:

  • Launched the Peel Regional Police Mental Health and Addiction Strategy to guide our service as we play a supportive and collaborative role in the mental health and addiction systems in Peel Region, and set a foundation for ongoing collaboration with our community partners.
  • Members of the Peel Region Situation Table, which is a multi-sector partnership that provides focused wraparound support for community members identified as having high-risk levels for social disorder or crime. 
  • Our work with the Ontario Human Rights Commission to apply principles under a systemic change framework to develop and implement solutions to dismantle systemic barriers while supporting our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy.
  • A Culture Action Plan developed to include short, mid and long term goals being implemented and monitored to transform our police culture, and to create a workplace that is inclusive, equitable, collaborative, compassionate and accountable.
  • Our Leadership Development Program that involves a multi-faceted leadership approach to support succession planning and ongoing leadership development across all levels and ranks. Emotional intelligence and developing a ‘coach-like’ culture are identified as the two key components to developing progressive leadership.
  • An Innovation and Technology Strategy created for implementing and supporting technology. Technological advancements support our journey to become the most progressive police service in the country.

2021 was another year that changed how we worked and lived our lives, and I personally want to thank all Peel Regional Police employees for their continued hard work and enthusiasm during these unprecedented times. I also want to thank the Police Services Board, Regional Council, our community partners, volunteers and members of the public for their ongoing support and commitment to our Vision of “A Safer Community Together”.

Nishan Duraiappah
Chief, Peel Regional Police

 Chief's Management Group Members

Peel Regional Police Deputy Chiefs Andrews, Milinovich, Odoardi, Patrick  Left to Right: Deputy Chief Marc Andrews, Deputy Chief Nick Milinovich, Deputy Chief Anthony Odoardi, Deputy Chief Randy Patrick

Policing Our Community

Peel Regional Police is comprised of five divisions, and specialized bureaux that provide frontline and investigative services to the 1.5 million residents of Mississauga and Brampton, and the 12.7 million* people who visited through Pearson International Airport in 2021.

Located within Headquarters are Executive Administration, Corporate Communications, Facilities Management, Finance and Planning, Human Resources, Legal Services, Operational Planning and Resources, Organizational Wellness, Professional Standards, Security Management and Strategic Initiatives.

Sir Robert Peel Centre is home to Communications, Forensic Identification Services, Information Technology Services, Records Services and Risk Mitigation.

The Emil V. Kolb Centre for Police Excellence houses specialty bureaux such as the Community Safety and Well Being Unit, Frauds, Homicide and Missing Persons, Intelligence Services, Special Victims Unit and Specialized Enforcement.

Fleet Services, Mobile Technology Group, Quartermaster Stores, and Specialized Asset Management are located at the Materials Management Centre.

Court Services, including Case Management, Court Security and Prisoner Escort operate out of the A. Grenville & William Davis Court House, the Brampton Provincial Offences Courthouse and the Mississauga Provincial Offences Courthouse.

* Pearson Airport visitors continue to be down significantly during 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. 

 Our Divisional Superintendents

Superintendents Kennedy, Higgs, Chinzer, Gormley, Butt

Left to Right: Superintendent David Kennedy (11 Division), Superintendent Robert Higgs (12 Division), Superintendent Navdeep Chhinzer (21 Division), Superintendent Sean Gormley (22 Division), Superintendent Waheed Butt (Airport Division) 

 Map Legend

1. 11 Division

2. 12 Division

3. 21 Division

4. 22 Division

5. Airport Division

6. Brampton Virtual Substation

7. Cassie Campbell Community Station 

8. Collision Reporting Centre

9. Emil V. Kolb Centre for Police Excellence  

10. Headquarters

11. Malton Community Substation 

12. Materials Management Centre      

13. Sir Robert Peel Centre

14. Square One Community Station      


Peel Regional Police divisional map displaying boundaries and PRP building locations

This Year in Numbers

35,800 criminal code offences, 12,000+ people charged, 22,000 prisoners managed, 380 firearms seized*Data is based on reported. 

47 shooting victims, 47m social media impressions, 221,200 Twitter followers, 166 stabbing victims

14 homicide victims, 6,726 mental health, domestic disputes: family 7,093, intimate partner 9,259

call takers on phone in communications call centre



2021 Workload

The Peel Regional Police Communications Centre plays a key role in ensuring the safety of our community by streamlining calls for service. There were 361,381 policing events created in 2021 through our Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. Of the total call events, 64% were citizen-initiated events, with the remaining 36% being officer-initiated events and administration duties.

 Calls To Our Communications Centre

Calls To Our Communications Centre

Type of Call

Total Calls

Variance from 2020

9-1-1 Calls Received

496,979 (1,362 per day)


Immediate Response

66,655 (183 per day)


9-1-1 Calls Deemed Inappropriate

237,631 (651 per day)


NAQs (No Answer Queue)

117,954 (323 per day)


Total Calls Received

730,673 (2,002 per day)


 Policing Events

Policing Events

Event Type


Citizen Initiated


Administrative Duties


Officer Initiated



 Citizen Initiated Events

Citizen Initiated Events

Time to Dispatch Event

Call Priority


Immediate Mobile Response

Priority 1


Dispatch within 5 minutes 

Priority 2


Dispatch within 15 minutes 

Priority 3


Dispatch within 1 hour

Priority 4


Total Mobile Dispatched Events

Priority 1-4



Top Five Citizen Initiated Events Requiring Immediate Response

  1. Domestic Dispute

  2. Medical Assistance

  3. Impaired Driver

  4. Disturbance

  5. 9-1-1 Non-Verbal

Project High Five - Stolen vehicles investigation



Successful Partnerships and Joint Forces Operations

Crime does not respect geographical boundaries. Peel Regional Police value the collaboration with other law enforcement agencies. Together we are demonstrating our continued commitment to keeping our communities safe. Our 2021 successes, from small to large scale investigations with our Joint Force Operations, continues to support and highlight this commitment.

$32 Million of Drugs Seized

Peel Regional Police and London Police Service joined the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) led Joint Force Operation in order to dismantle a large-scale criminal organization distributing illegal cannabis products nationally and worldwide.

This 16-month long intelligence-led investigation resulted in the seizure of $32 million worth of illegal drugs. The investigation uncovered a criminal organization that was operating illegal cannabis extraction labs in Brampton and Middlesex County and illegal cannabis website delivery services in London, Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo and Hamilton.

In further cooperation with the OPP, Peel Regional Police executed a search warrant on a location in Peel Region. Eight individuals were arrested and charged with 24 offences. Approximately $1 million of cannabis was seized and over $500,000 in cannabis extraction equipment was seized and successfully forfeited.

As a result of this investigation, a total of 15 search warrants were executed and 21 people were charged with 118 criminal offences.

  • $32 Million of drugs seized
  • Grow equipment seized valued at more than $653,000
  • 6 firearms and ammunition seized
  • $53,000 CAD currency seized
  • 6 vehicles seized as offence-related property, valued at $163,000

$10 Million of Drugs Seized

Peel Regional Police assisted the Ontario Provincial Police and other municipal services in a 15-month Joint Force Operation. This investigation involved a Greater Toronto Area (GTA) based organized crime group importing high volumes of cocaine into Canada for the purpose of trafficking. Cocaine was concealed in textiles and attempted to import onto aircrafts from the Caribbean. The organized crime group had conspired to export illicit cannabis from Canada to the United States.

As a result of this investigation, 44 search warrants were executed at 25 locations in Peel, Toronto and throughout the GTA. A total of 22 people were charged with 139 offences.

  • $10 Million of drugs seized
  • $375,000 of CAD currency and silver seized
  • $7,620 in US currency seized
  • 1 firearm seized
  • Cryptocurrency wallet containing cryptocurrency seized
  • 7 vehicles seized as offence-related property

$5 Million of Drugs Seized 

Peel Regional Police, Criminal Intelligence Service Ontario (CISO) and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) assisted in a Halton Regional Police led drug investigation. This investigation began in late 2020 and involved dismantling an active cocaine processing facility as well as identifying the location of a residential home used to support the sale of illicit cannabis products.

In the summer of 2021, 20 search warrants were executed in Peel Region, Woodbridge, Caledon, Etobicoke, Burlington, London, Markham, Oakville and Hamilton and involved York Regional Police and the London Police Service. Thirteen people were arrested and charged with 46 drug and criminal charges. Two of the homes were located in Peel Region.

  • $5.1 Million in drugs seized
  • 3 firearms seized plus 1100 rounds of ammunition
  • 3 vehicles seized
  • $103,000 currency seized
  • $30,000 in jewelry seized

$2.3 Million in Drugs Seized

York Regional Police led a year long Joint Force Operation with the cooperation of Peel Regional Police, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. This involved a large scale drug trafficking network that extended to Western Canada, California and India. Large quantities of cocaine, ketamine, heroin, and opium were imported into Canada before being distributed across the country and beyond through a sophisticated system of trafficking.

Through the execution of search warrants, heroin was discovered in an indoor play centre in Brampton.  Of the suspects taken into custody, 19 were from Brampton. A total of 46 of the 48 firearms seized were from one home in Caledon, some with dangerous and destructive firepower.

In the spring of 2021, 50 search warrants were executed and 33 people charged with more than 130 criminal offences. Simultaneous search warrants were executed in British Columbia and California.

  • $2.3 Million of drugs seized
  • 48 firearms seized
  • $732,000 CAD currency seized
  • 3 high-end vehicles including a Lamborghini seized

officer supporting community charity at Tims



Community Involvement - Giving Back

With help from our community, we raised $1.1 million and donated time, goods and services to support numerous charities.
Learn more about our charities and partnerships.

Our Community Partners

 logos from some of our community partners

smiling female standing in office hallway

Awards, Recognition and Promotions

Each year, there is an extensive list of awards presented to Peel Regional Police employees, recognizing their hard work, dedication and successes. The following list highlights some of those awards and recipients.

 Awards and Recipients

Officer of the Year Award

A/Det. Brian Lorette

Civilian of the Year Award

Lisa Smith

Officer Supervisor of the Year

D/Sgt. Chadwick Lines

Civilian Supervisor of the Year

Vicki Pawelchuk-Craig

T.E.A.M. Award – Investigative

Project Siphon

D/Sgt. Chadwick Lines, D/Sgt. Derek Meeker, Det. Jeff Chamula , A/Det. Michael Bishop, A/Det. Brian Lorette, D/Cst. Sarah Angevine, D/Cst. Helen Burton, D/Cst. Thomas Canning, D/Cst. Markus Cissek, D/Cst. Scott Douglas, D/Cst. Andrew Gales, D/Cst. Jeffrey Gardner, D/Cst. Erik Grant, D/Cst John Lontoc, D/Cst. Anthony Mendonca, D/Cst. Sean Wegenschimmel, Lisa Smith

T.E.A.M. Award - Corporate Project

Development and Implementation of the Remote Bail Hearing (B/H) Process

Jerry Agyemang, Stephanie Angeja, Kirsty Armit, George Barrett, Robert Barron, Andrew Beal, Danielle Bijelic, Daniel Bishop, Shawn Boothe, Claudette Boyd, Ronald Camacho, Arlete Carvalho, Jason Cole, Daniel Colp, Brendan Cook, Garry Crowe, Ashley Davidson, Ryan Denniston, Gurveen Dhillon, Sukhjit Dhillon, Bogdan Dras, Julie Dumesnil, Sanja Forbes, Paulo Franco, Christopher Gadreau, Cheryl Genoway, Niki Georgiadis, Jennifer Gigliotti, Michael Gigliotti, Michael Gorbachev, Zofia Gorbaczuk, Brian Grant, Michael Grant, Michael Hamid, John Hatfield, Susanna Hellman, Amanda Henry, Brent Hicks, Sikder Hossain, Scott Hunter, Garth Huxtable, Sargon Khoshaba, Nathan Kittle, Matthew Latimer, David Lowe, Richard Lupson, Robert Lussier, Andrew Martin, Ron Massey,  Elena Mastacan, Sandra Matijasic, Steve McWaters, Manuel Medeiros, Ashton Moore, Stephanie Mota, Nhung Nguyen, Katherine-Nicol Nicolaidis, Lesley Nienaber, Lana Nunnaro, Chris Oates, James Oliver, Jacob Panek, Michael Parteno, Wells Payne, Cheryl Roche, Anthony Romita, Taylor Ruston, Raymond Sarpong, Wilson Silva, Marcello Simmons, Michal Sokalski, Mario Spignesi, Colin Stoliker, Vikram Sundaram, Iris Swatuk, Vi Theofylatos, Brian Turgeon, Edo Van Belkom, Natasha Vincent, Raluca Voidoc, Royal Vuong, Fabian Williams, Vaughan Woolley

T.E.A.M. Award - Community Safety Well-Being Project

12 Division Bike Unit - Project 5 and 10

Sgt. Michael Baker, Sgt. Jeffrey Mason, Cst. Roger Lee Hoy, Cst. Vanessa Alladice, Cst. Jamee Carr, Cst. Joshua Di Marco, Cst. Jeffrey Gillespie, Cst. Shelley Macneill, Cst. Jesse Wilmot, Cst. Stephanie Yong-Yow, Cst. Davide Zara

Communications Award

Erin Morrison

Constable Dwayne Piukkala Memorial Award

Cst. Tyler O’Connor

Inspector Frank Fernandes Memorial Award

A/Det. Caroline Derouet, Det. Robert Hofstetter, Marlon Cortes

Constable Matt Parr Academic Awards

Cst. David Corrente, Cst. Steven Dove, Cst. Blake O'Brien

Constable Matt Parr Impaired Driver Apprehension Awards

Cst. Lara Al-Jamal, Cst. Leigh Bannister, Cst. Ismail Bawa, Cst. Ethan Fan, Cst. Daniel Hammond, Cst. Yeun Park, Cst. Arnold Quirong

Constable Matt Parr Auxiliary Officer R.I.D.E. (Year long) Program Award

Auxiliary Sgt. Daphne Nowicki

Paul Schram Memorial Award

Kristi Smith

Marion Reeves Health and Fitness Award

Cst. Emoke Demeter

Mississauga Real Estate Board - Police Merit Award - Team Submission

Cst. Michael Beveridge, Cst. Christopher Duke

Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) Award

Deputy Chief Nick Milinovich on behalf of an undisclosed Internet Child Exploitation (I.C.E.) Unit Officer

Police Officer Exemplary Service Medals

40 Years

Sgt. Brian Guinard, Deputy Chief Randall Patrick

30 Years

Deputy Chief Marc Andrews, Det. Gregory Armstrong, Cst. Kevin Arnem, Cst. Mark Berry, Sgt. Peter Brandwood, Cst. David Burton, S/Sgt. Christopher Burton, Sgt. David Bush, Cst. Cameel Chambers, Det. David Colton, Insp. Andrew Cooper, Supt. Dermot Coughlan, Det. Tracie Curtis, Insp. Todd Custance, Cst. Enzo Del Zotto, A/Insp. George Douglas, Sgt. Peter Duivesteyn, Insp. William Ford, Cst. Tenzin Gatong, Cst. Steven Greenwell, Cst. Colin Grieve, Det. Sven Hapke, D/Sgt. Mark Herren, Sgt. Albert Hulzebosch, Cst. Neil Johnston, Det. Mike Kean, Sgt. James King, A/Sgt. Ian Kosher, Cst. James Mackey, Sgt. Aaron Masnaghi, Cst. David Montpool, Cst. Wayne Moore, Det. Remo Moretti, Det. James Murtland, Det. D'Arcy North, Cst. Sean O'Connor, Cst. Daniel Orgill, A/Supt. Dawn Orr, Insp. Joseph Paolini, Cst. K.Shawn Quinn, Sgt. Peter Riemenschneider, Det. Leanne Rivers, Cst. Nicholas Smith, Supt. Angelia Twiss, Det. Giuseppe Varone, Sgt. Keith Warren, Sgt. James Webb, Sgt. Auden Whyte, Cst. Warren Williams

20 Years

Cst. Andrew Adams, A/Insp. Kristine Arnold, Sgt. Matthew Banting, Det. Emanuel Barbara, Sgt. Matthew Bertram, Cst. Robert Braknis, A/Sgt. Sheri-Lynn Brown, Det. Jennifer Bryer, Cst. Joseph Calabrese, Sgt. Joseph Cardi, Cst. Peter Carpino, Cst. Diane Carvalho, Cst. Catherine Champagne, Cst. Allan Chin, Cst. Tyler Clement, Cst. David Craig, Cst. Sean Creaner, Cst. Jennifer Dagg, Cst. Steven Daly, Cst. Ian Dann, Cst. Virginia Danos, D/Sgt. Jodi Dawson, Cst. Edwin Dela Cruz, A/Insp. Harry Dhillon, A/S/Sgt. Paul Dhillon, S/Sgt. John Doran, Det. John Drummond, Cst. Christopher Duke, Sgt. Donna Foreman, Cst. Steven Foster, Sgt. Nick Gregoriou, S/Sgt. Ian Harloff, Det. Robert Hofstetter, D/Sgt. Blair Horner, Cst. Hilary Hutchinson, D/Sgt. Feras Ismail, Cst. Tracy Jackson, Cst. Stephen Jordan, Cst. Steve Kellesis, Sgt. Simon Kennedy, D/Sgt. Philip King, A/Det. Jason Kinna, Cst. Scott Knight, Cst. Stephen Koprich, Cst. Steven Krumpek, Sgt. Sheldon Langlois, Cst. Karl Lauretti, A/Sgt. Sean Laurin, Cst. Michael Leppard, Cst. James Lidstone, Cst. Lyndon Locke, Cst. Colin Manson, Cst. Ricardo Marttini, Cst. Donna Maurice, Det. Mark Mazzocato, Cst. Timothy McDowell, Det. Christopher McFadden, Det. Michael McKenzie, Cst. Cameron McMillan, Det. Aaron Meisner, Cst. Lesley Middleton, Cst. Alexander Millar, Cst. Robert Mooney, A/Sgt. Tejinder Natt, Det. Stuart O'Reilly, Cst. Curtis Page, Cst. Matthew Pekeski, Cst. Christine Peters, S/Sgt. Michel Pigeau, Cst. Eric Piotrowski, Cst. Marc Roach, Sgt. Scott Robertson, Sgt. Brian Robinson, Sgt. Steven Roy, Cst. John Ryce, Sgt. Samer Saliba, Cst. Leslie Smith, Cst. Jason Smith, Sgt. Stuart Soares, Cst. Kari Suutari, Sgt. Jennifer Trimble, Cst. Tracey Turnbull, Cst. Stefan Vrabie, Cst. Jason Walker, Sgt. Jason Watson, Cst. Claudia Wells, Cst. William Whitlock, Cst. J. Michael Young

Peace Officer Exemplary Service Awards

30 Years

George Barrett, Grazyna Devereaux, Garth Huxtable, James Oliver, Marie White

20 Years

Carol Armstrong, Elizabeth Kis

Civilian Service Awards

30 Years

George Barrett, Anna Cleary, Grazyna Devereaux, Laurie Fonseca, Ronni Gibson, Garth Huxtable, Jamie Irvine, Dianne Lamb, Anica Lorkovic, Sheri Love, Karin Machado, Jane Martinello, Geoffrey Maxwell, Sofia Moore, Elena Murphy, Anna Oliveira, James Oliver, Barbara Riddell, Satinder Singh, Alice Skembaris, Janet Webber, Marie White, Andrew Winkworth, Erin Winson, Steve Zanon

20 Years

Hugh Anderson, Carol Armstrong, Claudette Boyd, Agnes Chung, Julia Crispo, Johanna Dinwoody, Suyen Doan, Karen Doobay, Melanie Douglas, Jo-Anne Doyle, Patricia Dupuis-Krasowski, Janette Francisco, Jennifer Heaney, Andrea Huxtable, Elizabeth Kis, Sharon Neal, Susan O'Neill, Domenic Orsini, Jeya Rajanathan, Carol Salmon, Monica Sgrignuoli, Kathryn St. Denis, Tracey Thomas, Peter Ying, John Yocom

35 Year Service Ring

Cathy Bryk, S/Sgt. Winston Fullinfaw, Sgt. Brian Guinard, David Kennedy, Cst. Scott Lawrie, Lesley Nienaber,  Supt. Robert Ryan

25 Year Service Watch

John Brown, Cst. Mandy Callacott, Cst. Heather Cannon, Cst. Jai Desousa, Sgt. Christopher Dickson, Insp. Gregory Janisse, Cst. Neil Johnston, Ljubisa Kostevski, Elizabeth Marple, Terrence Molloy, Det. Jakub Ostaszewski, Det. Norman Pipher, Det. Christine Robinson, Ankica Simrak, Sgt. Eric Skinner, Alessandro Stavole, S/Sgt. Emma Steele, Det. Giuseppe Varone, Jean Vecchiarelli, Det. Michael Viozzi, Sgt. Jason Watson, D/Sgt. Gordon Wong, Jennifer Zahodnik



Mark Dapat, David Kennedy, Dawn Orr, Dirk Niles


Joshua Colley, Jodi Dawson, David De Angelis, Harry Dhillon, Joy Edwards, Scott Redstone, Dyson Smith

Civilian –Manager

Anzette DeCunha, Domenic Orsini, Derek Snider

Staff Sergeant/Detective Sergeant

Paolo Carretta, Jason Colavecchia, Kevin Cranley, Elaine Fowler, Michael Gottschling, Andrew Harris, Michael McKenzie, Wayne Patterson, Ian Plummer, Paul Quashie, David Seward, Maria Wilson, James Wingate, James Zucchero

Supervisor – Civilian

Jennifer Boult, Christopher Clouitier, Kristina DoRosario, Nadine Fletcher, Michael Gigliotti, Scott Graham, Ashley Green, Heba Hannan, Sandeep Hayer, Kelly Jenic, Melissa Moore, Althea Saddler

Sergeant/ Detective

Kamor Balogun, Manjit Basran, Diane Carvalho, Allan Chin, Stephen Clarke, David Colp, Sean Creaner, Ian Dann, Dave Dhillon, Sean Laurin, Iqbal Lehal, Jason Lennon, Osbourne Lewin, Caroline Losier, Gary Mackin, Tejinder Natt, Gregory O'Connor, Matthew Osborne, Jose Serra, Kenneth Shadlock, Jay Smith, George Wang, William Whitlock, Sarah Wood

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