2020-2023 Strategic Plan

 Message from the PSB Chair and the Police Chief

PSB Chair Chatha and Chief Nish headshot

We are pleased to present the 2020-2023 Peel Regional Police Strategic Plan. 

The Strategic Plan was developed through collaboration with the community and partners, and Peel Regional Police members.  Peel Regional Police’s approach to community safety focuses on community safety and well-being, and is embedded throughout the Strategic Plan and across the organization. The Plan places an emphasis on partnerships and collaboration, continued modernization and innovation, community policing operations and reinforces the organization’s ongoing commitment to ensuring accountability, equity and inclusivity, and fiscal responsibility. 

The Strategic Plan will provide a framework in the development of proactive strategies that will be forward-thinking, data-driven and multi-sectoral based, to address public safety, and the needs of our community and Peel Regional Police employees.  This framework is guided by the Goals:

  • Community Safety and Well-Being Together (Our Community)
  • Inclusive, Engaged and Progressive Workplace (Our People)
  • Accountability, Equity and Service Excellence (Our Work)

The Strategic Plan communicates Peel Regional Police’s commitment to priority populations and community mobilization, including developing and implementing mental health strategies both within the community and internally for employees, youth engagement, a focus on family and intimate partner violence, and listening to and engaging the community to develop collaborative solutions.  The Plan also communicates the organization’s dedication to systemic and organizational change, to ensure we meet the changing needs of the community and Peel Regional Police employees.

Moving forward, the Strategic Plan will guide the formation of strategies and initiatives to position the Peel Regional Police well into the future, and ensuring service and operational excellence.  On behalf of the Police Services Board, we would like to thank our community and policing partners, and members of the public, for their assistance in developing the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan.


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Our Vision

 A Safer Community Together

Our Mission

To protect the rights and well-being of all through service excellence and community engagement.

Our Values

Trust is the foundation of what we do.
Respect and honour the dignity and rights of all.
Understanding and compassion.
Service excellence that ensures cultural, physical and psychological safety.
Transparency and accountability.

Our Strategy

Our Community

Community Safety & Well-Being Together (Our Community)

Goal - Community Safety & Well-Being Together

 Crime prevention and response

Objective: Implement crime prevention initiatives, focusing on violent crime and identified community crime trends, and respond effectively to citizen calls for service.

Performance Indicators:

  • Address community concerns using Community Mobilization Teams.
  • Analyze and use crime trends to inform investigations and establish appropriate projects.
  • Dispatch to emergency events meets established guidelines.
  • Identify and implement alternative response opportunities for non-emergency calls.
  • Implement and evaluate crime prevention and education initiatives.
  • Improvement in Community Survey results relating to response to calls for assistance.
  • Maintain a rate per 100,000 for violent crimes and property crimes that is below the national and provincial rates.
  • Maintain a solvency rate for violent crimes and property crimes that is above the provincial and national rates.
 Emergency management planning and response

Objective: Ongoing review and collaboration with policing and emergency response partners to maintain a coordinated emergency management plan.

Performance Indicators:

  • Complete an annual review of Emergency Plan.
  • Conduct training exercises with emergency management partners.
  • Enhance and develop emergency planning partnerships.


 Intimate partner and family violence

Objective: Support awareness, education and response to intimate partner and family violence.

Performance Indicators:

  • Establish a centralized unit to improve response and investigation of intimate partner occurrences.
  • Support the community safety and well-being public education and awareness campaign to raise awareness of family violence as a community issue.
Mental health and addictions

Objective: Review response to mental health calls, and identify partners to provide mental health support to community members.

Performance Indicators:

  • Collaborate and consult with community stakeholders and experts in the field of mental health to design systems and public policies to connect those with mental health concerns with the care they need.
  • Review and provide training related to mental health response calls.
  • Review our mental health response initiatives and explore alternative mental health service delivery models.
Priority populations

Objective: Work collaboratively with Community Safety and Well-Being partners to identify and improve outcomes for priority populations.

Performance Indicators:

  • Communicate the community safety and well-being partnership initiatives and results.
  • Develop processes for identifying priority populations; and implement and evaluate initiatives designed to support communities.
  • Establish opportunities for consultation and engagement to provide the community a voice to improve outcomes for priority populations.
  • Maintain a clearance rate for youth crime that is above the provincial and national rates.
  • Maintain a crime rate for youth that is below the provincial and national rates.
  • Proactively initiate projects and increase awareness of programs targeting community issues.
  • Review the current model of the Chief's Advisory Committees.
  • Use situation tables to ensure members of the community in need of assistance are directed to the appropriate resources.
  • Work with school boards, and other partners, to evolve our programs to meet the needs of youth.
Road safety

Objective: Improve road safety through education, enforcement and proactive strategies and focus on the Community Safety and Well-Being Vision Zero goal.

Performance Indicators:

  • Implement targeted road safety initiatives and educational campaigns targeting issues raised by the community.
  • Improve road safety working with community partners.
  • Reduce the rate per 100,000 for traffic fatalities and personal injury accidents.
  • Use analytics to proactively manage traffic safety concerns.
Victim assistance and community support

Objective: Collaborate with community partners to identify and provide support to community members, and implement the Community Safety and Well-Being framework.

Performance Indicators:

  • Identify repeat victims and offer support.
  • Maintain a partnership with Victim Services of Peel and build upon partnerships and support for agencies who provide services to victims of crime.

Our People

Inclusive, Engaged & Progressive Workplace (Our People)

Goal - Inclusive, Engaged & Progressive Workplace

Cultural, physical and psychological well-being and safety of our employees

Objective: Develop and promote initiatives to support the well-being and safety of employees.

Performance Indicators:

  • Conduct workplace inspections and assessments.
  • Develop a Mental Health Strategy for employees.
  • Develop and promote initiatives that support cultural, physical and psychological well-being and safety.
Employee collaboration and engagement

Objective: Focus on improving employee collaboration and engagement.

Performance Indicators:

  • Enhance collaborative initiatives to support sharing of ideas and resources across the organization.
  • Keep employees informed and aware through internal communication systems.
  • Provide ongoing employee input opportunities, including conducting employee surveys and focus groups.
Invest in our people

Objective: Provide resources and development opportunities for continued growth of staff.

Performance Indicators:

  • Create and implement a staff development roadmap.
  • Deliver training and education to support the development of essential skills and leadership.
  • Introduce, enhance and replace equipment to provide safe and effective delivery of services.
  • Introduce, enhance and replace information and technology systems in  accordance with the Information and Technology Plan.
  • Undertake and complete Facilities Projects in accordance with the Facilities Plan.
Professional and skilled employees that represent our community

Objective: Attract and retain skilled employees who represent our community.

Performance Indicators:

  • Identify and evaluate recruiting outreach initiatives.
  • Increase the representation of designated groups at all levels within the organization.
  • Monitor attrition rates.
  • Percentage of new hires from the identified groups designated in accordance with the Province's Equal Opportunity Principles.


Our Work

Accountability, Equity & Service Excellence  (Our Work)

Goal - Accountability, Equity & Service Excellence

Collaboration, partnerships and shared services

Objective: Co-lead the Community Safety and Well-Being System Leadership Table to improve collaboration and information sharing with community partners, and create opportunities for additional partnerships and shared services agreements.

Performance Indicators:

  • Co-chair the Community Safety and Well-Being System Leadership Table with the Region of Peel CAO to create and implement the Community Safety and Well-Being plan.
  • Develop memorandums of understanding with partner agencies for the delivery of shared services and resources.
  • Explore and implement where feasible, shared services and technologies.
  • Participate in Joint Forces Operations.
Diversity, equity and inclusivity in our workplace and our community

Objective: Develop and implement initiatives to support diversity, equity and inclusion in our workplace and in the community.

Performance Indicators:

  • Continue to implement the recommendations outlined within the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI) Current State Inclusivity Assessment report.
  • Develop and implement an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.
  • In collaboration with the Ontario Human Rights Commission, create and implement a multi-year Human Rights action plan.
  • Provide bias-free training to all employees.
Fiscal responsibility and sustainability

Objective: Conduct business practices ensuring fiscal responsibility and sustainability for effective service delivery.

Performance Indicators:

  • Continued pursuit of Provincial and Federal grant funding opportunities.
  • Develop an annual Business Plan.
  • Develop an annual 10-year Capital Plan.
Public trust and confidence through accountability and transparency

Objective: Implement accountability and transparency initiatives to foster public trust and confidence.

Performance Indicators:

  • Conduct ongoing review of Peel Regional Police Directives to ensure compliance with the Ontario Policing Standards and applicable legislation.
  • Conduct Residential and Business Community Surveys to measure community trust and confidence during each strategic planning cycle.
  • Continued pursuit of recognition or certification through Excellence Canada in quality and healthy workplace.
  • Develop an open data policy.
  • Implement a body-worn camera solution.
  • Publication of Police Services Act decisions.
  • Quarterly reports to the Police Services Board on public complaints.
Service excellence through innovation, technology and risk mitigation

Objective: Identify and implement innovative processes, combining technology and risk mitigation to ensure service excellence to the community and within the organization.

Performance Indicators:

  • Continuous mitigation of risk through audits and ongoing Risk Management Reviews.
  • Research and leverage technology in support of the Digital and Mobile Innovation Strategy.
  • Undertake and complete recommendations outlined within the Service Delivery Review.

Sustainable environmental practices

Objective: Identify and engage in sustainable environmental practices.

Performance Indicators:

  • Undertake actions to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Undertake initiatives to address climate change impacts.

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