Fiscal Transparency 

man analyzing financial information

How we ensure fiscal transparency and accountability:

  • Conducting in-depth reviews of both our current and capital budgets to ensure cost effectiveness and sustainability.
  • Identifying grant funding opportunities wherever possible.
  • Reviewing service fees to ensure cost recovery.
  • Working with partners to share services wherever possible to reduce costs.
  • Continuously looking for ways to efficiently and effectively improve business practises.


We ensure our budgeting process is in compliance with the Ontario Policing Standards and other applicable legislation.

The budget is developed to support our Strategic Plan and to meet changing needs in our community. The budget highlights provides quick facts on our budget and staffing.

The 2024 Budget was approved for $605.3 million.

The 2024 Capital Budget totalling $666.6 million was approved to replace infrastructure, vehicles and equipment, expand facilities and advance technological innovation.

2024 Budget Highlights

2024 Net Operating Budget - $605,340,000
2024 Capital budget - $666,592,000
2024 to 2033 10-year Capital Plan - $1,299,628,000

2024 Authorized Complement

Uniform - 2,421
Civilian - 1,068
Cadets - 40
Total - 3,529


2024 Policing Population - 1,569,860
2024 Policing Households - 458,160

Cost Per Capita - $386
Cost per Household - $1,321

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