Ticket FAQs

What should I do if I'm stopped by the Police?

Here are some tips on what to do and what not to do:

  • Stay in your car for safety's sake. The officer will come to you.
  • Avoid being confrontational with the officer. Don't argue your case on the roadside. You can choose to have a trial in court if you want.
  • At night, turn on your interior light.
  • Turn down your radio so you can hear the Police Officer and they can hear you.
  • If requested, produce your driver's licence, ownership information and valid insurance card. Ontario law requires that you produce these items when requested to do so by a police officer.

Why do Peel Regional Police issue traffic tickets?

Road safety is of paramount importance to the Peel Regional Police. This view is reflected by the citizens of Peel Region through opinion surveys conducted periodically by Peel Regional Police. In fact, aggressive driving (i.e., speeding, tailgating, failing to stop for red lights and stop signs, etc.) was ranked as one of the top concerns of citizens when asked what they believe are the most serious community problems in Peel Region.

The ultimate goal of traffic enforcement is to achieve voluntary compliance by all persons using the roads so as to reduce collisions and therefore injuries and or deaths. Working together, we can make Peel Region a safer community.