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CRIME STOPPERS is a non-profit organization, which rallies the community, the news media and the police in a collective campaign against crime. Crime Stoppers' mandate is to fight crime and to combat two major problems that often deter people from reporting crime:

APATHY - by offering cash awards &

FEAR - by offering anonymity.

In 1984, Metropolitan Toronto Police, York Regional Police and Durham Regional Police joined to form Toronto and Regional Crime Stoppers. In 1986, Durham Regional became independent and Peel joined the Crime Stoppers Program. The program continued with York Regional Police and Peel Regional Police each providing an officer to the Toronto and Regional Crime Stoppers Program, four days a week:

  • York Regional - Monday and Wednesday
  • Peel Regional - Tuesday and Thursday.

Effective July 2, 1999 Peel Crime Stoppers became a separate entity now serving the communities of Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga. This move enabled Peel to separate from the Toronto and Regional Crime Stoppers Program and move towards better serving the requirements of a vibrant and growing community and police service. Peel Crime Stoppers Program will enhance communications with the general public, the business community, elected officials, other police services, other Crime Stoppers Programs, Boards of Education (students and schools) and the media, in the Region of Peel.

How Does Crime Stoppers Work?

With the co-operation of local media, television re-enactments focuses the public's attention on local unsolved crimes, and offer a phone number to call to report crime. CRIME STOPPERS guarantees that anyone with information about any past, present or future crimes can call a special telephone number and pass on the information with absolute anonymity. Callers need not give their names, or testify in court. A cash reward is provided for any information that leads to an arrest and helps solve crime.

REMEMBER?..Crime does not pay. Crime Stoppers does.

Peel Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)

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Crime Stoppers Online Tip Submission

Crime Stoppers does not take tips from victims of crime. If you are the victim of a crime and you wish to supply information please report your matter directly to the Peel Regional Police at (905) 453-3311.


If this is an emergency and you need a police officer immediately please call 9-1-1.Do not use the online tip submission system.

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