Record Suspensions (Formerly Referred to as “Pardons”)

Record Suspension Applications - Local Police Records Check

The role of Peel Regional Police is to provide you with the results of the Local Police Record Check.  The applicant is responsible to determine his/her suitability to apply for the RecordSuspension.

  • A Record Suspension Guide may be obtained from the Parole Board of Canada Website at
  • Notice: As of March 13, 2012, the term "pardon" has been replaced with "record suspension". Click here for changes to eligibility.
  • Applicants must read and follow the instructions in the Record Suspension Guide.
  • If the applicant submits the Local Police Records Check form in person, the application can be returned by mail to the applicant, or the agency acting on your behalf, or the applicant can request to pick up the application in person.
  • If the applicant submits the Local Police Records Check form by mail or agency acting on your behalf, and the applicant requires the search returned by mail, they must include an Authorization Letter and 2 photocopied government identification, signed and embossed by a Notary Public. Only original copies of the signed documents will be accepted by Peel Regional Police.
  • The applicant must produce two pieces of valid government issued identification, one with a photo (expired identification will not be accepted).
  • Please allow 6-8 weeks for completion, depending on volume completion dates may vary. 

Your request will be processed in order of receipt.  Completion dates are subject to the complexity and volume of individual requests and the availability of resources to process those requests.  Please check with our staff when submitting your request for an approximate return date.

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