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 thumbnail of a poppy November 8, 2021

Lest We Forget - Featuring A/Det. Nick Arakgi, Cst. Allan Chin, and A/Sgt. Tyrus Darcy.

This Remembrance Day, we acknowledge the courage and sacrifice of those who served their country. Peel Regional Police officers: Acting Detective Nick Arakgi, Constable Allan Chin, and Acting Sergeant Tyrus Darcy, who also serve with the Canadian Military, talk about their experiences. Listen to their stories about their decision to serve, international deployment, and the psychological and emotional effects of a tour abroad. Further discussed is some of the training methods of military in comparison to police. Thank you to all those who have served our country. Thank you for your bravery and heroism. Your courage and sacrifice will never be forgotten.

thumbnail Public Education Officer Parathan Mohanarajan of Mississauga Animal Services September 22, 2021

Animal Rescue and Emergencies
Featuring Parathan Mohanarajan of Mississauga Animal Services

Protect your pets! Get to know how and much more about animals in Mississauga with Public Education Officer Parathan (Paro) Mohanarajan from Mississauga Animal Services. Listen in for tips about coyotes, when to call animal services versus 911, learn about what your local animal services officers do and… find out what happened that caused Peel Regional Police to get their tactical unit involved on an animal call.

thumbnail Inspector Lisa Hewison July 20, 2021

The New Intimate Partner Violence Unit
Featuring Inspector Lisa Hewison

Why doesn’t she just leave? PRP’s new Intimate Partner
Violence Unit is a ground-breaking response model to
better assist survivors. Inspector Lisa Hewison explains
how it works and life-saving safety tips.

thumbnail Constable John Alwyn June 15, 2021  

10-33 Officer Shot!
Constable John Alwyn's Comeback Story

Shot in the line of duty, Constable John Alwyn shares his remarkable comeback story, his thoughts on PTSD, and the Green Epaulette campaign.

WARNING: This podcast contains content that may be disturbing to some people. Listener discretion is advised.


Sergeant Lonny Blackett April 22, 2021

First Black Officer In Brampton
Featuring Retired Sergeant Lonny Blackett

Join us in our discussion with retired Sergeant Lonsdale Blackett who shares experiences as the first black officer in Brampton, the first to wear body armor and of changes he has seen over his 33 years of service spanning Peel's amalgamation in 1974 to 2007.

 Constable Frouke Antuma April 8, 2021  

Purpose & Service
Featuring Constable Frouke Antuma

Hear about Cst. Frouke Antuma's experiences growing up as an immigrant farmer's daughter, her youth mentoring work as an officer with Peel Regional Police and her extensive volunteer involvement both locally and internationally. Learn about how she has helped orphans in Mexico, re-built homes for the Appalachian community in Kentucky, and been a camp counselor for youth and persons living with disabilities. Frouke has Community Safety and Well-Being woven in her fabric.

 portrait DC Anthony Odoardi March 16, 2021

Police Body Worn Cameras
Featuring Deputy Chief Anthony Odoardi

Learn about how Peel Regional Police is rolling out this new program and the benefit this program will be for the community.

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