Vulnerable Person Registry - FAQs

If I don't live in Mississauga or Brampton, can I still use the registry?To use the registry the vulnerable person must live in Mississauga or Brampton. If they do not live in these cities, check with the local police service to see if they have a similar registry.
How soon will the information be available to police?The registration form will be entered into a number of policing systems in order to capture all relevant information. It is intended that this process will be quick but it may take up to 24 hours to be fully processed. You will receive a confirmation with a “Report Number” for your future reference for updates, renewals, calls for service, etc.
Will I need to quote the Report Number if I call the police?

No, during high stress situations, there is no expectation that you remember the report number. However, you should indicate that the individual is listed on the vulnerable person registry. Peel Regional Police will be able to verify the report number using the vulnerable person’s name or address.

Who has access to the Register?

Peel Regional Police personnel who require this information in the performance of their duties will have access to the information. There are strict regulations with respect to accessing and disseminating information. There is a Police Information Portal (P.I.P.) that is shared by all police agencies. The consent of the individual involved, or their parent/guardian, is required before any information is shared among police agencies.


During an emergency situation, police may be required to share this information with other emergency services such as fire or ambulance.

Can I update my profile more than every year if there are changes? How do I do that?You may, however, only information that has a significant impact on policing response will be necessary. Examples include a change in address, school, or emergency contact. You do not need to report a change in hair cut or colour, for example, as the police are familiar with the changes that can be made and are more likely to notice height, weight and eye colour. You can enter changes using the Supplemental Report form.
Will I be notified when the annual renewal is required?The renewals are the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian. It is recommended that you renew the registration during the month of the registrant’s birthday.
After my child/dependent adult is registered, and if there is an incident, do I need to do something to notify the police?It is preferable that you let the police know that the individual is already registered. In doing so, the information will be immediately disseminated to the police officers without having to ask the parents during a high stress situation.
How will this registry help if my child/dependent adult goes missing?If the individual goes missing and is reported by the parent/guardian, information about his/her physical appearance, the most likely places where he/she would go to, as well as triggers, stimulants, and de-escalation techniques will be provided to every police officer in the area to look for the missing person.