Due to the COVID pandemic, the Safety Village staff is offering virtual programs.

Grade 1 – Community Helpers & 9-1-1

Community Helpers

Introduces students to Safe People within our community: Police, Firefighters and Paramedics
Learn how to identify them and learn about their tools, vehicles, and uniform

30-45 min.


Learning what a 9-1-1 emergency is
What will happen when they call 9-1-1
Importance of knowing your personal information (address, telephone number)

30-45 min.

Grade 2 – Personal Safety and Pedestrian Safety

Personal Safety

Define GOOD, BAD and SAFE people
Tricks ‘Bad’ people use
Importance of yelling ‘STRANGER’

30-45 min.

Pedestrian Safety

What is a safe Pedestrian?
Stop Look ALL ways & Listen
Traffic Lights

30-45 min.

Grade 3 – Personal Safety and Bicycle Safety

Personal Safety

Review GOOD, BAD and SAFE people
Teach Personal Safety Rules:
Check First, Take a friend, Say ‘No’, and talk to a trusted adult

30-45 min.


Bicycle Safety

Rules of the Road
Importance of a Helmet
How to fit a Helmet (2 v 1)

30-45 min.


Grade 5  - Internet Safety

  • Protecting Personal Information
  • Social Media Safety
  • A picture is worth a thousand words
  • Security Settings
  • Online Dangers
  • Cyberbullying & Cyber Citizenship
  • Online Predators & Lures

2 hours (includes break) - times are flexible, and can be split between 2 days.

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