Bookings for the 2023-2024 School Year will commence the 1st week of September.

We are excited to be welcoming school groups back to our Safety Village.

The Peel Children’s Safety Village is offering the following programs:

Grade 1 – Community Helpers & 9-1-1

This interactive program introduces students to some of the special people who help out in their communities- Police, Firefighters and Paramedics.  Students will learn how to identify these people as well as what their jobs entail.  They will also have the opportunity to attend various hands-on stations to learn about some of the tools that Police use to keep people safe.  The second portion of the program is learning about 9-1-1, identifying what an emergency is, and when to call 9-1-1.

Program Date

  • Runs January, February and March.
  • Maximum 45 students per session.

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Grade 2 – Personal & Pedestrian Safety

Our Grade 2 students will start their visit in the classroom learning about how to keep themselves safe.  They will then acquire the skills to become a safe pedestrian and will have the opportunity to practice these skills afterwards in our miniature village where they will explore some of the buildings and play educational games.  Weather permitting, the students will also be adding to the outdoor fun by driving the miniature jeeps!

  • Runs October, November, December and April. 
  • Maximum 45 students per session.

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Grade 3 – Personal & Bike Safety

The Personal Safety program will continue to build on the children's ability to protect themselves and stay safe. They will learn about bicycle and helmet safety, which will be put to use by riding scooters in our miniature village (weather permitting). To participate in the scooter riding portion, students must bring a bicycle helmet with them.  Officers will inspect all of the helmets and teach the students how to ensure they fit correctly and safely.  

  • Runs  May and June.
  • Maximum 45 students per session.

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Grade 5 - Youth Cyber Safety Academy (Online Safety)

The Youth Cyber Safety Academy is an innovative, hands-on internet safety lesson like no other!  Students will spend the time in our 'Chill Zone' where they will have a genuine online experience on iPad minis playing our one-of-a-kind, custom design 'Capture the Flag' game.  This app will allow students to create personal profiles, and test out a variety of skills and knowledge while having the opportunity to participate in a live online chat with other students.  Afterwards, students will participate in an interactive internet safety presentation which will include an analysis of the information provided during the morning session.  Students will focus on the importance of keeping personal information private, positive/negative aspects of the internet as well as various lures that online predators may use to trick children while online.  Students will also learn about Cyber Citizenship and how their online actions can affect others and themselves, now and in the future.

  • Runs November to June.
  • Maximum 45 students per session.
  • This program is specifically for Grade 5 students.

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