How to Fit a Helmet

Employee putting helmet onto childAn easy way to make sure it fits is by using the 2V1 rule.

2 - Take your two fingers and place the longest one on your eyebrow. The second finger lays right on top of the long finger. This is where your helmet should be sitting, nice and flat, that is the only amount of skin that should be showing. Two fingers above your eyebrows.

For the V - take those two fingers and split them into a V. These represent your straps, one strap on one side of your ear and the other strap at the other side of your ear. These straps should lie flat against your head and should not be twisted. At the side of your helmet you will see buckles. These buckles should be pushed up under your ears lobes, making the straps form a “V” around your ear.

Next for the 1 - take 1 finger and place it between the chinstrap and your chin. That is all the space you get! Your helmet needs to be tight on your head in order to keep your head safe if you fall.

Helmet Safety is extremely important, not only in the Safety Village, but also at home!

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