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The earlier you recognize signs of abuse or obsessiveness, the better. Don't wait to seek help. Domestic violence is not always obvious to those around you, as abusers can usually control their behaviour in public and leave marks in less visible areas of the body.

Ask for Help

If you think you may be a victim of family or intimate partner violence, call our Police Service at 905-453-3311.

Below are different ways that you can identify abuse, helpful resources and services for victims, and how the police will intervene.

Are You in an Abusive Relationship?

The key to stopping abuse is recognizing the signs and preventing it before it starts. You may be in an abusive relationship if you answer yes to any of these statements:

Do You Feel?

  • You are being treated as a child, servant or possession.

  • Powerless and embarrassed.

  • Afraid of your partner.

  • That you deserve to be hurt or mistreated.

  • Isolated.

Does Your Partner?

  • Treat you like a possession or sex object.

  • Make decisions for you and the family, telling you what to do and expects you to obey.

  • Use insults, name-calling and public put-downs.

  • Stop you from seeing friends and family, keeps you from going out, and constantly checks up on you.

  • Threaten to hurt/kill you or the children.

  • Threaten to commit suicide or file charges against you.

  • Break things in front of you, hurt pets or put weapons on display to scare you.

  • Blame you for their behaviour, or blame their childhood; they may deny it has occurred or say they were having a bad day as an excuse.

Intimate Partner/ Family Violence Resources

Call these 24/7 agencies for help.

Peel Regional Police

Call 9-1-1 or 905-453-3311, ask for communications to help with the peace keeping during removal of property or child custody disputes.

Victim Services of Peel

Call 905-568-1068 or visit Victim Services of Peel for crisis counselling, accessing transitional support, shelter information and/or developing a safety plan for you.

Assaulted Women's Help Line

Safety Planning

A safety plan involves identifying the steps you and your children will take to be safe, and to prepare for the possibility of violence in the future. Have a safety strategy for you and your children. For more information, visit the Safe Centre of Peel website.

Victim Services

If you think you may be a victim of family or intimate partner violence, call our Police Service at 905-453-3311. The police will do the following:

  • Conduct a thorough investigation.

  • Advise victims that police will lay charges when reasonable grounds exist.

  • Gather evidence; obtain statements, take photos of the scene or injuries.

  • Bring interpreters if needed.

  • Provide support for children.

  • Provide a Safety Plan when appropriate.

  • Provide information on available victim services.

  • Remain until there is no further threat to victim.

  • Where charges are not laid, will give advice on Restraining Orders, Peace Bonds and how to contact shelters and Victim Services of Peel.

Safe Places to Seek Help

24-Hour Crisis-Line Services and Supports


Community Counselling, Programs and Support Services

Legal Resources and Services

Services for Children

Elder Abuse

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