Bicycle Rodeo Community Kit

Male employee putting bike helmet onto child

During the Bicycle Rodeo, students will develop their cycling skills by learning and practicing bicycle techniques and mechanics, proper helmet fitting, participating in bike safety education, drills and traffic simulations.

For interested parties, who are looking to run their own Bicycle Rodeo, the Safety Vllage has a kit available to borrow. The kit includes:

  • Instructions (bike rodeo guide) on how to organize and deliver a bicycle rodeo.
  • Lesson plans for 10 stations.
  • Pylons, sidewalk chalk, handouts, half-tennis balls, measuring tape
  • A sample Certificate of Achievement for participants.
  • Course design alternatives.
  • A sample letter home to parents.
  • Feedback form.

Receiving your Kit

To receive a kit, please complete the online Kit Request Form.

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