Understanding the complexities and finding solutions to address auto theft have been primary concerns of policing services, government partners, manufacturers, and insurance industry stakeholders.

The Auto Theft Summit 2024 held on Wednesday, March 20 was a joint initiative led by police services across Ontario to identify and address the vulnerabilities in auto theft beyond enforcement actions. In alignment with last year’s summit recommendations, the goal of the 2024 Auto Theft Summit was to expand further and explore new, concrete ideas to tackle this problem impacting Ontario and its communities.

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See recommendations from the summit below.

Summit Details
Wednesday, March 20, 2024 from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Hyatt Place Mississauga - Luxe Convention Centre 
5787 Hurontario Street, Mississauga

Special corporate hotel room rate is available for accommodations at the Hyatt Place Mississauga by visiting here or using group code G-PRPB.

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Auto Theft Summit 2024 Recommendations

Mission Statement

Disrupt organized auto theft through strengthened enforcement measures and multi-sectoral collaboration to address vulnerabilities contributing to auto theft.


Priority 1: Strengthen Enforcement

A federal Action Plan that will formally recognize auto theft as a national priority; strengthen enforcement and inspection of exports, establish legislative and policy tools to address organized auto theft.
Progress Indicators
  • Strengthen security, investigations, and enforcement capabilities of containers at ports and intermodal hubs.
  • Targeted legislation and policy that identifies auto theft as organized crime and sanctions it as such.
  • Investment into a interprovincial joint force operation.


Download - 2024 Auto Theft Summit Recommendations

Download Statistics on Stolen Vehicles by Police Service


Priority 2: Collaboration & Awareness

Continued collaboration between police services, auto manufacturers, insurance bureaus and government partners to identify and address vulnerabilities, and raise awareness.
Progress Indicators
  • Delivering on commitments and progress to address vehicle theft vulnerabilities and implementation of new anti-theft technology in vehicles.
  • Increase public awareness on anti-theft devices and ways to deter auto theft and carjacking through campaigns or programs.
2023 Auto Theft Summit
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