Auto theft and its impact on violent crime is a growing issue within the Greater Toronto Area and in Ontario over the last five years. From 2018 to 2022, across those police services in attendance at this summit, auto theft has approached a 90% increase. Reasons contributing to this increase include a strained supply chain and economic hardships, both attributed to the pandemic years.

Auto Theft Summit 2023 took place Friday March 10, and was a joint-collaboration by the Peel Police Services Board and Peel Regional Police, partnering police services, stakeholders from government and industry leaders, to shed light on the challenges in public safety related to auto theft. More notably, it was to define real action and implement impactful solutions with partners in policing, government, and industry across Ontario and its communities.

See recommendations from the summit below.

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Auto Theft Summit 2023 Recommendations

Mission Statement

Disrupt auto theft through enhanced enforcement measures and address vulnerabilities that are contributing to the increase of auto thefts by working with multi-sector stakeholders.

Strategic Priority 1

Enhance enforcement through provincial/multi-jurisdictional Joint Forces Unit to disrupt organized auto theft.

Streamline data and information sharing among law enforcement agencies for effective targeting of organized auto theft groups.
Federal and provincial investments into coordinated enforcement to track and disrupt illegal exports of stolen vehicles.
Enhanced coordinated efforts to disrupt organized auto theft, reduce number of stolen vehicles through increased enforcement efforts across multi-jurisdiction.

Strategic Priority 2

Establish a multi-sectoral executive working group to address vulnerabilities causing the increase in organized auto theft.

Working group to develop action plan for legislative and industry consideration that would be aimed at: 
  • Fraudulent vehicle registrations in the province.
  • Stolen vehicles being easily exported out of the country.
  • Measures that could be adopted by auto manufacturers, insurance companies and financial institutions to better protect consumers against auto theft.
Reduce auto theft by addressing gaps and vulnerabilities that are contributing to its prevalence.

Strategic Priority 3

Raise public awareness on the issue and how to protect against auto theft.


Ensure community is aware of trends around organized auto theft, and what is being done to address it.

Public education campaigns on auto theft prevention tools and leading practices.

Working with community partners and sector leaders on development of awareness campaigns and initiatives.


Provide better understanding on auto theft trends and what is being done to address the issue. 

Better informed public to protect themselves against auto theft.

Click here to view the livestream. The link is also available through the Peel Police Services Board website.


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