Special Victims Unit

The goal of the Special Victims Unit is to protect and support children by conducting detailed investigations into allegations regarding child abuse. It has full cooperation from the Peel Regional Police, the Children's Aid Society and the community.

The unit aims to:

  • Promote public safety in the areas of child abuse and sexual assault.
  • Identify and successfully prosecute offenders.
  • Educate and increase public awareness of community concerns.
  • Provide assistance and support to victims.

Victim Services of Peel

Victim Services of Peel Logo

Victims of crime or tragic circumstances should be well supported and empowered to make informed choices.Peel Regional Police works in collaboration with Victim Services of Peel in order to provide 24-hour crisis support to persons victimized by crime or tragic circumstance.  Services and support are provided regardless of one's race, class, gender, culture, age, ability, or sexual orientation. 

The policy of the Peel Regional Police is to protect human life by strongly investigating incidents of domestic/family violence. We support victims through community partnerships designed to improve the quality of life.

Helpful Links for Victims

  • Chantal's Place - is a private; secure area that provides a comfortable and supportive atmosphere for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence 
  • Peel Children's Aid Society - Peel Children’s Aid protects children from abuse and neglect and helps parents and caregivers build healthy families
  • Victim Services of Peel  - is the only around the clock intervention agency supporting residents affected by trauma in our region.
  • Special Victims Unit - Protect and support individuals by conducting thorough investigations into allegations regarding sexual assaults  and the abuse of                                           children. 
  • Peel Committee Against Woman Abuse (PCAWA) - Creating a Personal Safety Plan or a Children Safety Plan

What Victims Can Do

If you think you may be the victim of domestic/family violence, call 9-1-1 if the threat present/immediate, otherwise contact our Non-Emergency Line or contact one of the agencies listed above under Helpful Links for Victims.

Consider using Personal Safety Plans and Children Safety Plans

What Police Will Do

  • Conduct a thorough investigation.
  • Lay charges when reasonable grounds exist.
  • Advise that neither police nor victims can withdraw charges.
  • Get statements (written or videotaped).
  • Gather evidence (answering machine, tapes, take photos, etc.).
  • Use interpreters when needed.
  • Provide support for children when present.
  • Provide a Safety Plan when appropriate.
  • Provide information about available victim services.
  • Suggest another place of safety if concerns exist.
  • Remain until sure there is no further threat to victim.
  • Complete a Risk Assessment when charges are laid in cases of intimate relationships.
  • Where charges aren't laid, give advice on Restraining Orders, Peace Bonds and how to contact shelters and Victim Services of Peel.


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