By-laws are laws that local municipal governments create and they apply within city limits. For example, Mississauga may have some by-laws that Brampton doesn't have because each council creates by-laws to meet its community's needs. It's important to know what these by-laws are, and how to report any violations. Each municipality has a by-law department separate from police that oversees the enforcement.

Brampton By-Laws

The City of Brampton has by-laws regarding homes, yards, streets, neighbourhoods, parks etc. and they are enforced by by-law officers who work for the city.

Contact Brampton By-law Enforcement to report an infraction.

Mississauga By-Laws

The City of Mississauga has by-laws regarding animal control, zoning, parking, noise etc. and they are enforced by its by-law officers.

To report an infraction contact Mississauga By-law Enforcement.

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