Bicycle Rodeo Community Kit:

A collaborative effort of the Peel Safe and Active Routes to School Committee the Kit is now available to interested parties to fill a community need for stream-lined bicycle education.

A rodeo is a bicycle skills event which provides an opportunity for cyclists to practice and develop skills that will help them to cycle safely and with confidence.

The goal of a bicycle rodeo is to provide an opportunity for the participants to learn, practice, and demonstrate their bicycle handling skills in a fun, educational way. A bicycle rodeo is one of many activities that can be done as part of a larger strategy to support children to cycle.

Students develop cycling skills by:

  • Practicing basic cycling techniques
  • Learning basic bicycle mechanics
  • Checking proper helmet fit
  • Participating in bike safety education
  • Participating in a series of bike handling drills and simulated infrastructure and common traffic situations

This guide has been put together to help you organize your own bike rodeo. The kit includes:

  • Instructions on how to organize a bicycle rodeo
  • Instructions on how to deliver a bicycle rodeo
  • Lesson plans for ten different stations
  • A sample letter home to parents
  • A sample Certificate of Achievement for participants
  • Course design alternatives for a bicycle rodeo
  • Pre/Post testing tool
  • Rodeo Kit Feedback Form


Bike Rodeo Kit Request Form