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Corporate Communications - Public Information

Objectives and Goals

Manager Corporate Communications - Michelle Dassinger

Michelle Dassinger
Manager, Corporate Communications


  • Advises on matters relating to media, community, public and government relations.
  • Advises on policy and strategy relating to public affairs and marketing communications.
  • Develops corporate policy, objectives and standards for Corporate Communication.
  • Plan, develop, implement and evaluate internal and external communication strategies encompassing media, community, public and government relations.
  • Monitors public attitude as it relates to the Peel Regional Police. 

Role and Function

Media Relations

Officer-in-Charge Public Information Sergeant Josh Colley

Sgt Josh Colley 
Supervisor, Public Information/ Media Relations



Officer-in-Charge Employee Information Sergeant Heidi Adams

Sgt Heidi Adams 
Supervisor, Employee Information


Provides information to the various media outlets and facilitates the dissemination of information to the citizens that we serve.

Media Officer Cst. Rachel Gibbs

Cst. Rachel Gibbs
Ext. 4027


  Media Officer Cst. Lori Murphy

Cst. Lori Murphy
Ext. 4027


 Media Officer - Cst. Bally Saini

Cst. Bally Saini
Ext. 4027


 Media Officer - Cst. Bancroft Wright

Cst. Bancroft Wright
Ext. 4027


Media Officer photo - Cst. Mark Fischer

Cst. Mark Fischer
Ext. 4027


Media Officer Cst. Paolo Carretta

Cst. Paolo Carretta
Ext. 4027


 Media officer Cst. Harinder Sohi

Cst. Harinder Sohi
Ext. 4027