Hiring Process


Applicants applying for the position of Recruit Constable or Cadet 2nd Class will undergo an extensive process consisting of:

  • Meet minimum qualifications and submit online application and requested supplementary documentation
  • Local Focus Assessment/Interview 
  • In-depth interview with a Recruitment & Staff Support Bureau Investigator
  • Interview with a Recruitment & Staff Support Bureau Supervisor
  • Competency Assessment Tests
  • Results of Competency Assessment are submitted to our contracted Psychologist. All applicants are required to meet with our contracted Psychologist
  • Thorough background investigation that includes :checks with local , provincial and out of country law enforcement agencies if required , all educational institutions attended and driving history through the Ministry of Transportation
  • Credit and Financial related inquiries
  • Personal references
  • Work references
  • Home Interview
  • Participate in pre-employment physical assessment (PREP & PIN)
  • Final Review with a panel of Senior Officers
  • Medical Examination

Please Note: Many of the inquiries will be done throughout the process

The hiring process is competitive. Personal, professional and/or educational improvement is desirable and expected between applications.