Help and F.A.Q's (Frequently Asked Questions)


Should you encounter any difficulty with accessing the Online Application Process or you are unable to complete the application process at this time due to system problems, please try again later.  During regular business hours this application will be monitored, however, this site is not supported live.


1.  What is the Online Application Process?

The Online Application Process is designed to be easy to use.  Applicants provide us with relevant information for the job(s) they are applying to.  The steps to apply online are as follows:

  • View open Job Openings online.
  • Print off the Job Description(s) or make note of the requirements (i.e. licenses, skills) of the job(s) you want to apply for.
  • Select the jobs you want to apply for by checking the box next to the Job Opening and click "Apply Now".
  • Complete the Online Application process.  You will receive confirmation that your application has been received via email.
  • Sign in as a Returning Applicant at any time to review the status of your application(s) or to update your application information.  Note: you can only update contact information not your application information once submitted. 
  • To withdraw an application, please contact Recruitment and Staff Support directly at ext. 3935 or 3936.
  • Note: if you wish to Sign In at another time and you forget your username or password click the Login Help link, enter your username or email address and a new one will be sent to your email address.

2. What is a Civilian position?

Civilian positions are those jobs within the Peel Regional Police organization which are not performed by a sworn Police Officer.  There are many different Civilian positions within Finance, Police Support Services, Information Technology, Facilities/Trades, Human Resources, Supervisory/Management, and other areas.

3. Where is the Region of Peel?

The Region of Peel encompasses the Cities of Mississauga and Brampton and the Town of Caledon. The Peel Regional Police Service is responsible for policing the Cities of Mississauga and Brampton and the Lester B. Pearson Airport.  The Town of Caledon is policed by the Ontario Provincial Police.

4. Are you currently accepting applications for employment?

Applicants are encouraged to apply online to specific Job Openings at Applicants may also apply online to Future Opportunities openings.  Although there are currently no positions available in this job category, when you apply to a Future Opportunities opening, you enable our recruiters to identify you as a potential candidate when an opening becomes available.

Applicants can also set up a Job Search Agent, which automatically notifies them by email when new openings matching their search criteria become available.

5. How long do applications remain active?

Your Online Application remains active in our database for one year from the date you applied.

6. What is the minimum age requirement for an applicant?

The Peel Regional Police Service welcomes applicants for Civilian employment who are at least 18 years of age, in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code.

7. Should I provide a cover letter with my application?

The Peel Regional Police Service does accept cover letters (optional) as part of the Online Application process. The Cover Letter page provides you the ability to copy and paste information from another document, or type in this information.

8. How do I update my Online Application information?

To update your Online Application information, Sign In as a "Returning Applicant" using the username and password you used to register online.  You can only update your personal contact information, unless you are completing a new application.

9.  How long is a Job Opening open online?

An external Job Posting is advertised on our website for 10 business days. The closing date is displayed on each opening. Your Online Application must be submitted prior to midnight on the day that the Job Opening closes.

10.  Do you accept Co-op Program placements?

Yes.   Co-op placements are available for high school students as well as those in College or University.  The High school Co-op program is available to students attending Grade 12 within the Region of Peel. College and University Co-op placements follow school semesters and are available for 15 weeks, with placements starting in January, May and September.   For more information regarding the co-op placement programs contact Christine Orgill - Coordinator Recruit Intake, Corporate Recruitment & Development, at (905) 453-2121 ext. 3938 or email.

11. How will I know if my Online Application has been received?

An email confirmation will be sent to you to confirm receipt of your Online Application.

12. What happens to my Online Application after it has been submitted?Online Applications are screened to determine if the minimum qualifications for the position are met. Applicants who qualify will be contacted by telephone to set up an appointment for testing or an interview. Your Online Application will remain active in our database for one year.

13. Do you have summer positions available?

Yes. We accept Applications in February and March of each year for summer cleaner/maintenance positions, which become available in July and August. In order to qualify, you must be a student returning to full-time attendance at an educational institution in September of the same year.

14. How will I know the status of my Online Application?

The length of the recruitment process can vary from job to job. You can view the status of your Online Application at any time by signing in as a "Returning Applicant" using the username and password you used to register online, and looking at your application in the "My Career Tools" box.

15. How long will my test results be valid?Your test results will remain valid for one year from the date you tested.  

16. Can I re-test if I fail a test?

You are eligible for re-testing following a three month waiting period. Please contact Recruitment and Staff Support to arrange an appointment to re-test.