Community Safety Together

Improving and promoting community safety is our highest priority. To do this we address crime proactively, strengthen community engagement and create educational seminars/materials.

The Region of Peel is in the process of developing its Community Safety and Well-Being (CSWB) Plan. The Ontario government requires that all municipalities prepare and adopt a CSWB Plan by January 1, 2021 (Bill 175 - The Safer Ontario Act).

Peel Regional Police is committed to the safety and well-being of the community we serve with one of the primary focuses being mental health. At the core of our commitment to our Community Safety and Well-Being plan are multi-sectoral collaborative partnerships. In January 2020, we partnered with Canadian Mental Health Association to launch our Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team (MCRRT) program. This collaboration allows us to provide a health response to a health problem.


green social development block

  • Changes the lifestyle of those at risk by  improving their well-being through: economic and social inclusion, housing, positive parenting, addictions treatment, literacy and education.
  • Lowers misconduct and crime by providing opportunities to improve well-being.
  • Can’t be done alone. It's necessary to partner with organizations that focus on the needs of those at risk in the community.

blue prevention block

  • Averts harm by reaching out to at-risk people before an incident escalates.
  • Preventative measures using appropriate resources reduces future harmful incidents.
  • Increasing awareness of social issues and solutions may stop or relieve future risks.

yellow risk intervention

  • Work with community agencies to address situations where there is an immediate need for help.
  • Using analytics, threat assessments and officer referrals, we can deescalate situations before they become 911 calls.
  • Vulnerable persons can be referred to other agencies for help.

red incident response

  • Traditional emergency response to urgent 911 calls can involve police, fire and ambulance.
  • Provides a highly trained, organized  and efficient emergency response.
  • Emergency calls involving addiction and/or mental health issues can be referred to other agencies.

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