In continuing to modernize efforts in front-line operations, Peel Regional Police recently outfitted patrol vehicles with Automated Licence Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology. All vehicles equipped with ALPR have a camera-based system that scans and recognizes licence plates in poor standing and connected to ongoing police investigations.

Through funding from the Province of Ontario, this new ALPR technology has been equipped on approximately 350 Peel Regional Police front line patrol vehicles.

To learn more, review the information below.

What is ALPR?
ALPR equipment is mounted within police vehicles and uses colour and infrared cameras and software to photograph and recognize licence plates.
The ALPR technology compares the photographs taken to various lists of licence plates that are associated with a variety of different offences.
The ALPR technology notifies officers with an audio and visual notification anytime an offence is detected.
How does this technology benefit our community?
It will strengthen traffic enforcement efforts and make our roads safer. It will help locate suspended and prohibited drivers and will assist in locating stolen vehicles and apprehending those responsible. This technology will also assist in locating victims of crime.
What issues are being identified?
ALPR will assist in identifying suspended drivers and multiple other provincial traffic violations. It will also help locate stolen vehicles, vehicles associated with criminal activity and locating victims of crime.
How do ALPR’S know that a plate is in poor standing or involved in criminal activity?
The ALPR technology scans licence plates and compares them against what is referred to as a “hot list”. The “hot lists” are maintained by the Ontario Provincial Police and the Ministry of Transportation.
How often are the “hot lists” updated?
Peel Regional Police hot lists are updated every morning.
How long does the ALPR technology store licence plate scans?
If there is a hit it will store the scan for 30 days and those that are not hits are stored for 24 hours.
How do I avoid being on the “hot list”?
Remember to renew your validation tag when due.
Does the technology read out of Province licence plates?
Yes, it reads plates from other provinces.
Are all ALPR scans / images reviewed?
They are not all reviewed.

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