Safety Tips-Winter

Seasonal Safety Tips - Winter

Seasonal factors can create profound changes in our home and driving environments. This can result in increased risks and criminal opportunities. Minimize seasonal risks by taking these precautions.

Home Security 

  • Put away your patio furniture, barbeques and any other seasonal equipment that is not being currently used but can be used to gain access to your windows.
  • While away from your home or on vacation, remember to always give your home a lived-in look. Use and adjust timers for your lights and, where warranted, consider replacing the bulbs..
  • Always clear the snow from your driveway before you go out. When away, ask or hire a reliable person of persons you can rely on to keep your snow cleared and your flyers and/or mail picked up.

 Vehicle Security

  • Never leave an unlocked/unattended vehicle in your driveway with the motor warming, or running while picking up items; i.e. cleaners, convenience store, post office.  
  • Park your vehicle in the garage or use a remote starter when in your driveway only.

When holiday shopping

  • Avoid loading yourself down with parcels.  Make frequent drop offs to your vehicle.
  • Store parcels in the trunk of your car or out of sight; i.e. cover them with a coat or blanket. 

Holiday gifts

  • Manage holiday parcel deliveries:
    • Specify a time when you will be home and/or direct them to a side or rear entrance to the house.
    • Space out deliveries, if required, to avoid multiple packages arriving at the same time.
    • Enlist the aid of a reliable and trusted neighbor to retrieve obvious packages.
    • Ask the courier company to obtain a "signature" prior to making delivery.
  • Remember to mark your property using a Trace Pen or check out the Mark Your Property fact sheet for details on how you can participate in the free Operation Identification program and obtain decals for your house.
  • Break down cartons/cardboard that contained electronic equipment (or other valuable merchandise). Make sure product information is not visible to the outside when recycling it at roadside. Don't advertise the latest gadgets found in your home.

Winter Driving

  • Consider buying a good set of winter tires. Be aware that "all season" tires are not the same.
  • Make sure all the windows of your vehicle are cleared before you drive.
  • Adjust your driving to the road and/or weather conditions; i.e. slow down, signal your movements.
  • Adjust your speed and turns when moving from public roadways to private property; public roadways are usually well salted, where private property may not be. 
  • Lower your speed when approaching controlled intersections; i.e. stop sign, traffic lights.  Anticipate ice on overpasses.
  • Include emergency equipment in your vehicle trunk, particularly if driving out of town; blanket, non-scented candles, flares, flashlight, booster cables.  Make sure your cell phone is charged.  
  • Watch for children playing around high snow banks or large snow piles.