Safety Tips - Spring and Summer

Around the house

  • Regularly maintain shrubs and hedges around the property to prevent sight lines from being blocked.
  • Keep your garage door closed unless you need to access the garage.
  • While working around your property, keep exterior doors that are not in your line of sight locked.
  • Keep your screen door locked while inside and avoid leaving wallets or purses near the front door or in plain view.

At night

Keep readily accessible or easily accessed windows and sliding doors closed and locked.  If the window is required for ventilation, install a stop that allows it to be opened no more than 4 inches.

While out

  • Close and lock all windows and doors.
  • Lock all gates around the house.
  • Never leave the garage door up while taking the car even for a short period of time.  Always close and lock the garage when not at home.

While away on vacation

  • Cancel newspapers until further notice.
  • Do not advertise your absence by posting your vacations activities or plans on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare.
  • Disable all GPS applications on your mobile devices; i.e. Google Latitude.
  • Ask a trusted friend or neighbour to look in on the house daily.  Request them to pick-up flyers and mail.  Invite them to use your driveway.
  • Let other trusted neighbours know that you will be away and tell them what visitors you might expect on the property.  Ask them to call Police if they see anything unusual.
  • Arrange for the lawn and garden to be regularly maintained.
  • Use at least two timers to turn the lights on and off.  Try to mimic a lighting pattern that's typical for you.
  • Manage phone calls with an answering machine that leaves the impression you're at home.  In the absence of an answering machine, turn down the ring volume.
  • Disable the garage door opener.
  • Do not store jewelry or keys to vehicles in predictable places such as master bedroom dressers or, in the case of keys, near the front door.  Store high value/sentimental jewelry in your safety deposit box.