Robbery Prevention and Survival Techniques

The risk of robbery increases for businesses that handle cash, operate for extended hours or handle high value merchandise that is readily carried away. Protect your business, employees and yourself against the risk of robbery by using Peel Regional Police Robbery Prevention & Survival Kit.

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The Robbery Prevention & Survival Kit is available to businesses who are located in the Cities of Mississauga and Brampton (businesses located outside of the Region of Peel should contact their local Police department).

CLEAR ZONE Robbery Prevention Program (included in the Robbery Prevention & Survival Kit)

Research based evidence shows a causal connection between environmental influences and robberies. Removing window signage and placing the cash handling in a clear view of the outside has been shown to deter robberies.

The CLEAR ZONE robbery prevention program works by identifying a prominent window that strategically overlooks the cash handling area. It then highlights and defines that window through the application of the Clear Zone decal to draw in witness potential and act a reminder to store owners to keep the window free of signage and the area free of clutter. 

The CLEAR ZONE decal can be ordered as part of the Robbery Prevention Kit which is available free of charge. The kit contains a number of resources and decals which will help to discourage and/or deal with a robbery in the event that one occurs.

To sign up for the CLEAR ZONE robbery prevention program and request a kit for your business, simply fill out and submit the following form:

Request Robbery Prevention and Survival Techniques Kit

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Photo depicting an example of the clear zone in use

Convenience & Carwash Canada magazine highlights CLEAR ZONE in their May/June edition

   Convenience & Carwash Canada cover photo