Fact Cards

Accessible On-Line Reporting

Accessing Police & Community Resources (Arabic) (Chinese) (Polish) (Punjabi) (Spanish) (Urdu)

Airport Corporate Centre - Suspicious Activity Watch

Auto & Vehicle Theft

Avoiding Abuse While Dating

Bomb Threat Assessment

Break & Enter - Important Information

Bullied, Bullies & Bystanders

Business Security - General

Buy/Sell User Safety

Child Identification Kit

CCTV - Closed Circuit Television

Computer Safety - Internet Safety

Computer Safety - Operating Safety & Security

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Dealing With Common Neighbourhood Problems

Distraction Theft Fact Card

Frauds and Scams Fact Card 


Graffiti Prevention & Control

Home Security - Doors, Frames & Locks (Arabic) (Chinese) (Polish) (Punjabi) (Spanish) (Urdu)

Home Security - Residential Alarm Systems 

Home Security - Window Security & Patio Doors

Home Security Challenge

Identity Theft Fact Card

Intimate Partner Violence

Internal Theft - The Theft From Within

Know Your Neighbours - Brampton

Know Your Neighbours - Mississauga

Mark Your Property

Online Buy and Sell Safety Tips

Personal Safety Fact Card (Arabic) (Chinese) (Polish) (Punjabi) (Spanish) (Urdu) 

Questions To Ask The Sales Person/Telemarketer/Retailer 

Real Estate Fact Card

Repeat Burglaries

Residential Hi-Rise Security (Arabic) (Chinese) (Polish) (Punjabi) (Spanish) (Urdu)

Road Rage

Robbery Prevention and Survival Techniques

Robbery Prevention for Business Fact Card

Safety For Seniors/Elder Abuse (Arabic) (Chinese) (Polish) (Punjabi) (Spanish) (Urdu)

Senior Safety Fact Card

Securing Commercial Buildings

Shoptheft Prevention

Social Media Fact Card

Staying Safe & Avoiding Trouble

Streetproofing Fact Card (Chinese) (Punjabi)

Teenage Prescription & Over the Counter Drug Abuse

Travel Safety

Vulnerable Persons Registry

Workplace Violence & Harassment