Technological Crime Unit


The Peel Regional Police Technological Crimes Unit is involved in the seizure, collection, examination and preservation of electronic evidence, and regularly provides technical assistance to aid police officers in a variety of investigations that involve computers or similar electronic devices, that may contain evidence in the form of electronic data. The Technological Crimes Unit supports these investigations by conducting comprehensive forensic examinations upon seized devices to locate data of potential evidentiary value.

Officers within the Technological Crimes unit are provided with frequent and specialized training to examine and obtain evidence from a wide variety of both legacy and modern electronic devices. These devices include smart phones, GPS units, computers and laptops, storage media, and tablet-style products.

The Technological Crimes Unit is also regularly involved in the support of Internet Child Exploitation investigations where offences against children have been committed, or are in the process of being committed. Technical support is often provided during and following search warrants to secure and obtain evidence of the offence(s).

The Technological Crimes Unit assists not only the policing community, but also the community at large by providing training and/or awareness sessions in the areas of Computer and Internet Safety. Regular Cyber Safety Academy sessions are held in conjunction with the Peel Regional Police Crime Prevention Services.