Street Crime Gang Unit

Street Crime Goals and Objectives

The objective of the Street Crime Unit is to resolve community based issues which interfere with the lawful enjoyment and sense of safety experienced by those that reside, work, and visit in the Region of Peel.  This is accomplished through a proper mix of enforcement and education.

Role and Function

The Street Crime Unit is responsible for identifying areas of concern relating to lawless public behaviour and street level crime that interfere with citizen's quality of life and feelings of safety. Strategies designed to resolve those issues are accomplished through a problem solving approach using directed enforcement of Federal, Provincial and Municipal Statutes, and crime prevention resources thereby reducing incidence of street level crime and where possible eliminating its cause.

The Street Crime Unit activities are generally short term in nature and do not involve long term investigations unless they require a more formal strategy known as a Problem Oriented Policing Project. A P.O.P. project is a tactical investigative project designed to identify the contributing factors, underlying conditions and causes for a particular problem. This may result in the application of appropriate problem solving methods and utilizing police and community resources to eliminate or significantly reduce the problem.

Gang Unit

Gang Unit Goals and Objectives

The identification of street gangs and their members and suppression of gang activity within the Region of Peel.

Role and Function

The Peel Regional Police Gang Unit was the first in Ontario to successfully track and investigate targeted street gang members and stands at the forefront of street gang suppression and investigation. This proactive specialized policing style is globally recognized as a fundamental requirement of modern policing.

Current Initiatives

  • Strategic Analysis
  • Internal/External Training Initiatives
  • Gang Database
  • Strategic Enforcement
  • Expert Development
  • Specialized Prosecutions

Street Crime Gang Unit - 905-453-3311 Ext 7704