Role and Function

Some of the PRP duties include:

  • high profile and visible patrol
  • provide immediate response to all silent alarms at the passenger screening points at Terminals 1 and 3;
  • provide immediate response to Canadian/U.S. inspection areas, security access control points, parking offices and the medical clinics;
  • provide assistance to other law enforcement agencies, including R.C.M.P., Immigration Canada and Canada Customs and prisoner escort agencies;
  • provide assistance to U.S. Inspection Agencies, as described in the Pre-Clearance Act and procedures.;
  • provide response to public disorder incidents, including incidents or unruly behaviour by passengers on aircraft destined for P.I.A.;
  • operating regular foot and mobile patrols to prevent crime and detect unauthorized persons in all areas of the terminal buildings, apron and baggage sorting areas, along perimeter fences, at airside access points, infield cargo areas and employee and public parking areas;
  • enforcement of security, safety and traffic related rules and regulations including the Airport Traffic regulations and the Airside Vehicle Operator Permit Program (AVOP);
  • investigating suspicious/suspect luggage and items, including attendance of the Explosive Disposal Unit for safe disposal, when required;
  • responding to major incidents and providing additional specific police resources during major incidents or declared emergencies, as summarized in the Lester B. Pearson International Airport Disaster Plans and Emergency Procedures Manual;
  • investigation of motor vehicle traffic accidents;
  • assisting with vehicular and pedestrian traffic movement through traffic enforcement;
  • providing support response to all life threatening medical situations;
  • enforcement and investigation of liquor related offences;
  • assistance to the general public when dealing with the Mental Health Act;
  • enforcing the Trespass to Property Act;
  • providing police assistance to the general public, investigating crime and breaches of security;
  • investigation of sudden deaths in cooperation with the Provincial Coroner, and;
  • provide police support for specific security details, as required by legislation or as requested by the G.T.A.A.

Crime Prevention

Crime prevention is a shared responsibility between the community and the police. Crime Prevention Services is the research and policy centre for prevention programs and strategies at PRP. The Unit offers programs to support citizens and commercial businesses in protecting their families, homes and workplace.

There are a number of fact sheets available at the Peel Regional Police website under the Crime Prevention tab to assist you in making your travel safer and to assist in tips for property safety.  Go to the Peel Regional Police website for more information.  Crime Prevention Fact Sheets