Cst.  Steven Murphy #1510
Road Watch Coordinator
Ext. 3792
Fax: (905) 456-5911

A ROAD WATCH© report can be:

The ROAD WATCH© program involves local citizens by encouraging them to identify dangerous and aggressive driving. When an incident of dangerous or aggressive driving is observed, the complainant fills out the Citizen Report Form. Citizens are asked to keep their own safety in mind when they observe an incident. They are asked to wait for a safe opportunity to document the specific details on the form.

It is stressed that citizens should never chase the vehicle they are trying to report or do anything to jeopardize road safety. The form is easy to fill out and strictly confidential. The completed forms are then received at Traffic Services online, by mail, fax, or hand delivered by the complainant to the division or community offices. When the form is received the information is reviewed. If found accurate, contact with the registered owner is initiated in a tiered response:

LETTER 1: The first time that a Citizen Report Form is received, a letter is mailed to the plate owner. The letter highlights the date, location and the reported violation in which the vehicle was involved. The registered owner is requested to assist the Police and the community by ensuring that their vehicle is driven in a responsible and safe manner.

LETTER 2: The second time a Citizen Report Form is received in relation to the same license plate holder, a repeat letter is sent by police along with a follow up telephone call from a police officer. The purpose of which is to establish personal contact in hopes of resolving the problem.

LETTER 3: A third report directed at the same plate owner will result in a third letter from the police, and a personal visit from a police officer. Depending on the circumstances, charges will be considered and an officer may be detailed to monitor that vehicle's actions to allow enforcement if the action is repeated.

The complainant remains anonymous. If an incomplete form is submitted, no action is taken. Any letter sent out is kept on file in the Road Watch office, along with the Citizen Report Form. At the end of December all material is shredded and the program begins anew in January.

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