Public Safety Unit

It is the policy of the Peel Regional Police to protect life and property under the law with the protection of life as the highest priority. The Public Safety Unit is a part time unit comprised of officers who are trained in crowd management, the search for lost persons and the search for evidence.

Public Safety Unit officers are selected on merit and much emphasis is placed upon their personal ability, motivation and good communication skills. Candidates must have at least three years of policing experience and must pass strenuous physical fitness tests including the Ontario PIN test and a job specific physical fitness test. Additionally, candidates must pass an interview process.

Once an officer has been selected, they will complete a training program and receive ongoing training each year for the duration of the stay in the unit. As a member of the unit, the officer is expected to maintain a high level of fitness and continue honing the skills acquired during training.

officers with riot equipment - side angle

Crowd Management at a political protest.

officers riot equipment at night facing camera

Crowd Management at a political protest.

officers behind crime scene tape looking for evidence

Search for evidence at crime scene.