Major Drugs & Vice


The Major Drugs & Vice bureau was established to provide the residents and businesses of Peel Region with an effective response to drugs, prostitution and human trafficking within our community.

Objectives :

  • To reduce the supply and demand for illicit drugs through a coordinated multi-dimensional enforcement and educational approach.
  • To maintain the moral standards of the community through professional investigations and enforcement of all laws governing vice-related crime.
  • Continue to develop and maintain professional partnerships with Local, Federal and International law enforcement agencies to continue the exchange of information and strategies.

Role and Function :

The Major Drugs and Vice bureau is committed to identifying local drug trends in order to best target those areas and to properly align the necessary resources. The members of this bureau provide the community and the Police service with the following assistance.

  • Major drug investigations and enforcement.
  • Investigate indoor and outdoor marijuana grow operations.
  • Vice unit that specifically deals with targeting prostitution, human trafficking, illegal gambling and liquor licensing within the Region of Peel.
  • Clandestine lab investigations and removal.
  • Drug education to the community and schools.
  • Providing Divisional officers with assistance with drug investigations or search warrants.