Major Collision Bureau

The members of the Major Collision Bureau are highly trained, dedicated officers, who specialize in the field of collision reconstruction. The unit is responsible for the reconstruction investigation of motor vehicle collisions which results in the death of one or more of the involved persons. As well, the unit attends at the scenes of collisions where persons have been critically injured, and offers assistance to all front-line officers investigating motor vehicle collisions.

Members of the unit attend and manage the initial scene where they collect evidence required for a thorough investigation. The officers are equipped with the latest in technology including the "Total Station". This instrument is used to survey the scene of a collision from which the data is later downloaded into a computer program to produce a scale diagram. This instrument, and officers from the unit, have been used to assist the Forensic Identification Bureau with the surveying of various crime scenes.

After completing the initial collision investigation, officers from the Major Collision Bureau become responsible for the complete investigation. This includes reconstruction of the scene through the practical application of accepted collision reconstruction principals. Officers are responsible for the preparation and case management of all files where charges were laid.

Officers from the unit have attended numerous courses and seminars in the field of collision reconstruction. These include courses from the Canadian Police College in Ottawa, the Ontario Police College in Aylmer, Ontario, the Institute of Police Technology and Management in Jacksonville Florida, as well as other courses hosted by various private and police agencies.