Homicide and Missing Persons Bureau

Since the amalgamation of Peel Regional Police in 1974, The Homicide and Missing Persons Bureau have investigated a total of 414 Homicides.  In 2015, there were 16 homicides with a 100% solvency rate - all investigations are achieved through the excellent work and support by many members of the organization and assistance from the community.


  • To achieve a 100% solvency rate in homicide investigations.
  • To improve the quality of life for all citizens by arresting and convicting the individuals responsible for these crimes.
  • To provide assistance to other Peel Regional Police bureaus regarding Sudden Death and Missing Person investigations.
  • To work closely with victim families to ensure they have the necessary help and support throughout this difficult time and process. 


  • Homicide;
  • Suspected homicides;
  • Found human remains where suspicious circumstances exist;
  • Missing Persons - where suspicious or unusual circumstances are present, or the subject is missing for a period exceeding thirty (30) days; the bureau shall monitor the investigation.

Role and Function

  • Major Case Management - all homicides are investigated in accordance with the Ontario Major Case Management System which ensures the sharing of information between investigations in a manner that is based on co-operation among individual police services.

  • Polygraph Bureau - is specialized for the purpose of providing added value and an additional resource to the officers conducting investigations.

  • Liaison to the Office of the Chief Coroner - the Homicide Bureau supplies an officer as a Coroner's Investigator to the Coroner's Complex in Toronto.  They review all types of sudden death investigations, attend autopsies and prepare cases for inquests.  They are a member of the Death Under 5 Review Committee and the Pediatric Death Review Committee.

Contact Information

If you would like to report any information in regards to a homicide investigation or missing person's case:

Phone: 905-453-3311 ext.3205

Email: Officer-in-Charge