Explosive Disposal Unit

The Explosive Disposal unit provides expertise in relation to the handling of explosives and the investigation of post blast scenes.

The Explosives Disposal Unit was established in 1974. The unit currently has 13 members and utilizes a variety of equipment to accomplish their goals, including the 'Navco' explosives containment unit and robots.

To become a member of the unit, candidates must pass a job specific physical fitness test and an interview process. Once selected, candidates must attend the Canadian Police College where they undergo rigorous training to become a bomb technician.  

bomb disposal unitThe Explosives Disposal Unit's mandate includes the examination and rendering 'safe' of suspicious packages and improvised explosive devices including the disposal of military ordinance and ammunition. Team members also investigate criminal and accidental explosions. As part of unit's mandate they are responsible for first response to CBRN-E (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives) events and confined space entry.  

bomb disposal robotTraining is on a continuous basis, keeping the members current in relation to various equipment and methods utilized by bomb technicians around the world.