Underwater Search and Recovery Unit

scuba diver in red suit and yellow helmut ready to go into water scuba diver just entered the water

3 people on ice with one ready to go into opening scuba diver under water gray car on angle out of water

portrait of scub diver fully dressed red car with hood and trunk open partly under water scuba diver on shore getting hosed off

The Peel Regional Police Underwater Search and Recovery Unit was established in 1975. The unit is fully equipped including a 16-foot Boston Whaler dive boat. The 'Dive Unit', as it has become known, works in tandem with the Marine Unit on Lake Ontario. The dive team assists other police services in the Greater Toronto Area that do not have dive teams within their organizations.

Much of the dive team's work involves the recovery of drowned victims, stolen autos and property such guns and knives that have been dumped in lakes, river and swamps. The dive team manages underwater crime scenes which includes capturing the scenes photographically or on video and documenting all details of the scenes.

The Dive Unit must follow the regulations set out under the Canadian Standards Association, among other Acts, and as such is required to follow the regulations set out for Commercial Divers. The Dive Unit has the ability to conduct diving operations using either S.C.U.B.A. equipment or Surface Supply equipment and conducts training and operational dives year round in bodies of water ranging from lakes and rivers to drainage ditches and stagnant swamps.