Diversity Relations Bureau


The Diversity Relation Bureau is dedicated to addressing various needs within our multicultural community by supporting community initiatives, promoting inclusivity, implementing outreach programs, developing relationships by engaging community members, providing educational training, mediating in times of crisis and conducting reviews of all hate/bias motivated crimes and incidents. 


Community Engagement

The Diversity Relations Bureau liaises with community-based agencies, educational facilities, government, law enforcement agencies and members of the community to develop and maintain strong relationships and facilitate mutual understanding and trust.  This is achieved through the sharing of information, open communication and dialogue that promotes education of cultures, religions and current events that affect our community.

Photo Gallery: Peel Police at the Toronto Pride Parade 2016 will appear here on the public site.

Crisis Intervention

Monitor local and global events that have the potential to impact our community.  Intervene at the community level through our stakeholder and advisory committees to implement awareness through initiatives. This is done through collaborative partnerships with community-based agencies and organizations.     

Education and Training

In collaboration with community partners and government agencies, develop training and seminars for all police personnel to ensure they possess the necessary knowledge and skills to provide fair and equitable service to the various communities within our jurisdiction.   Identify and deliver programs that address cultural awareness and promote inclusivity throughout the Region of Peel.

Hate-Motivated Crime

The Diversity Relations Bureau reviews and monitors all hate/bias motivated reports to ensure compliance with departmental policies. Provide assistance to investigative personnel in relation to hate/bias motivated incidents and crimes.  Track trends and patterns and in conjunction with community partners ensure a greater awareness of hate crime and incidents.  Prepare an annual report for Statistics Canada on hate crime in our jurisdiction.

Hate-Motivated Crime Hotline:  (905) 456 - 5905

Media Outreach

Through both social and mainstream media the Diversity Relations Bureau endeavours to provide cultural awareness through community engagement and outreach, police initiatives and campaigns, and through collaborative community events.  

Diversity Relations Bureau is responsible the following:

  • Develop and maintain polices related to diversity issues to enhance our police service's ability to better serve the community
  • Monitor police occurrence reports to ensure officers comply with said policies
  • Provide assistance/guidance with any diversity related investigations when required
  • Develop, deliver and amend, when required, all in-service awareness education modules relating to diversity and/or hate crime issues
  • Conflict mediation for inter-community and/or police-community concerns
  • Extensive community outreach initiatives to ensure the needs of the various communities within our policing jurisdiction are identified and addressed
  • Develop and maintain partnerships with all communities to ensure police-community interactions are non-offensive without compromising officer safety practices
  • Develop and maintain partnerships with other service providers within our policing jurisdiction (i.e.: community-based ethno-specific agencies, school boards, media, government)
  • Identify, develop and maintain a networking partnership with other diversity focused service providers to strengthen our policies and practices and to share or seek out "Best Practices"


The Peel Regional Police routinely reviews existing policies and practices to ensure we maintain a high level of service delivery. As an organization we are proud of our achievements in addressing the needs of our culturally diverse region and have been recognized for some of our initiatives.

  • The initiatives undertaken by the Peel Regional Police to improve race relations, have been recognized by several community based agencies:

    • The Chinese Businessmen's Association
    • The National Indo-Canadian Association
    • Peel Multicultural Council
    • Carrassauga and Carabram Planning Committees
    • Multicultural Inter-Agency Group of Peel
  • The Peel Regional Police has had input into the provincial standardize police training on diversity issues and representatives have delivered its Diversity Awareness module to law and criminology students at the secondary school, community college and university level. We have also assisted community-based agencies develop training modules and policies.
  • We have successfully partnered with community based, ethno-specific agencies when patterns of recurring law enforcement problems have been identified. Through these partnerships, we have been able to reduce the recidivism rate with certain offences, making the overall community safer.
  • By establishing partnerships with the communities within our policing jurisdiction, recruiting initiatives to attract a broader representation of the region's population have proved successful. These same initiatives have been applied internally to ensure the ranks reflect our community.
  • The Peel Regional Police work with several community advisory committees to ensure our community's needs are properly identified and addressed in our service delivery.
  • Representatives from our specialized units, serve as advisors on Boards of several community based agencies. Members also participate on planning and support committees throughout the region.
  • The Peel Regional Police Diversity Relations Bureau officers have been actively involved in the planning of an international Conference for Hate Crime as well as involved in the planning and delivery of several smaller, locally held Diversity Issues/Hate Crime workshops.
  • Emergency Services Introduction to New Canadians

    We publish a book each year with Fire and Paramedics; it is called Emergency Services Introduction to New Canadians. This is a very handy book for new immigrants that arrive to Canada and contains general information that each service uses to train the general public.

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