Crisis Line: (905) 278-9036


COAST is an acronym which stands for "Crisis Outreach and Support Team".

Peel Regional Police COAST officers work in partnership between the Canadian Mental Health Association.


The mission of a COAST Officer working with 24.7 Crisis Support Peel is to assist individuals who are in a mental health crisis in the environment of their choice, by de-escalating the crisis and offering linkages to appropriate services for on-going support.


The program currently serves the residents of Mississauga and Brampton who may have mental health issues and find themselves in crisis.

Calls to 24.7 Crisis Support Peel are received at intake by a mental health professional, who completes an assessment. Any person can call 24.7 Crisis Support Peel for assistance, or to make a referral.


COAST Officers working with 24.7 Crisis Support Peel are a mobile team who are available 7 days a week from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. The team consists of a mental health professional and a specially trained plain clothed police officer. They will respond to calls involving mental health crisis that is not deemed to be an emergency. They will respond in an unmarked police cruiser and will conduct a mental health assessment onsite. A plan will be implemented which best suits the needs of the individual.

The individual will be connected with community programs as required. This support extends to both the client and their families..

To reach a COAST Officer and 24.7 Crisis Support Peel, you may call the crisis line at: (905) 278-9036. 

For more information, please contact:

Mental Health Coordinator for the Peel Regional Police at (905) 453-2121 ext. 3623.