Our Commitment to Eliminating Systemic Racism

Posted On Tuesday March 16, 2021

Across the entire Peel Regional Police service, we have been working diligently for months to identify the steps PRP will take/is taking to combat systemic racism. It is an enormously important initiative, undertaken with input from the Ontario Human Rights Commission. We know this will be a continuing effort, but please stay tuned. We will soon be announcing the initiatives we are taking to identify and eliminate systemic racism, and a big part of that will be member, community and expert input.

On October 14, 2020, Peel Regional Police and Peel Regional Police Service Board, through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Ontario Human Rights Commission, agreed to deliver initiatives aimed at identifying and eliminating systemic racism in the delivery of services within Peel Regional Police, to each other and the community.

“My leadership team and I are fully committed to finding and changing policies, procedures, protocols and behaviours that are rooted in bias. We are fully committed to policing that ensures the safety and equitable treatment of all 1.4 million residents of Peel and the 3,000 men and women in our Service" said Chief Nishan Duraiappah.

The Human Rights project undertaken by PRP aims to demonstrate the professionalism of our members’ ability to identify, address and overcome factors that lead to systemic racism and discrimination in our organization.

The mandate is to build a foundation for Peel Regional Police that encompass Strategic objectives and align with the agreed upon recommendations with the Ontario Human Rights Commission. The remedies are built on seven (seven) principles to make our Service transparent, accountable, respectful and more human than ever before. 

Given Peel Region’s engaged, racialized and diverse community, PRP and PRPSB are committed to taking a leadership role among all police agencies in Ontario in addressing and overcoming systemic racism in policing.

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